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Nair Face Cream Burn

I applied the Nair face removal cream for sensitive skin earlier today. Upon applying it, my skin began to burn, however I overlooked the pain as a usual side effect to complete the recommended three minutes. When I washed the cream off with a damp cloth, my upper lips were red and burning like no tomorrow.

Immediately, I washed it off using water and then using my 'Tea Tree & Aloe Vera' Face Wash which further induced the burning sensation. I, then, sprayed rose water on my upper lips at very frequent intervals as it minimized the pain. I also applied fresh aloe vera gel which significantly reduced the redness.

On the 5th hour, I purchased some 1% hydrocortisone cream which has reduced the burning sensation.

I am currently on my 6th hour. My upper lip skin is slightly discoloured (dark + light in some areas) and the burning sensation is still persistent, however much less from what I was originally experiencing.

I would really, really appreciate if you could tell me what else I can do? How long will it take to heal? Will this leave a scar?

Also, I have to leave to the beach tomorrow - will that cause further complications? What precautions can I take?

Thank you for your time and concern.
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First, when you get a burn like that- never wash with another cleanser, that can irritate it worse.  Use cold water to rinse off.  Next, use an antibiotic ointment on the spot, and you can use a pain relieving gel as needed.  You want to make sure to keep the area clean- since it's on your face, I'm not sure that you can cover it though.  It might be worth going to an urgent care facility to get checked before you leave for your trip.  
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