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Need help diagnosing possibly serious skin parasite

I have had an ongoing problem with my skin when I use IV methamphetamine. The sites have been there since before the meth came into the picture, lumps with pressure beneath, but once the meth was added a whole new beast emerged and the sites became agitated and painful and itchy, and when I itch them the skin breaks and out comes a thick, slimy blood cluster, that when properly rolled and excess blood removed, is a tiny tube like strand, resembling a tiny worm.upon research of this possibility I realized they have certain places they congregate, along the facial beard line, on the wrists and forearms... Which is 100% accurate for me. Everyone I tell about this thinks I'm just high and delusional but it's very real. Follow this URL to watch a video I made of the parasite coming out of my skin. I need to know how severe this could be and what actions would need to be taken. Here is the link yo the video, please watch. ⚠ It is a bit gross. https://youtu.be/TTHqmphKFnQThank you all, please help..
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Infection with hookworms is pretty rare, but it's the only parasite that comes close creating the blister-like eruptions that you describe: https://www.healio.com/pediatrics/news/print/infectious-diseases-in-children/%7B84f9dbd3-6e53-46b9-8880-404c61b023a8%7D/10-year-old-boy-presents-with-a-pruritic-blistering-eruption
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