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Neuritic Leprosy - Pain in nerves- Please help

Dear Doctor,

I suffered from Knee pain in both my knees for about 5 months in 2003 . I went to a Orthopedic Surgeon, he could not find anytihng worng in the xray , nor in my CBP,ESR etc... but was later referred  to a Dermatologist   and made some notes in my file " Saying thickening of Ulnar and popliteal nerve in my hand and leg"

Then after seeing my condition , Dermatologist presribed me dated  April 2003 for 1 month
Dapsone 100 mg
Cyromycin 100mg

Condition was better when i took these tablets for 1 month.(My tests CBC,ESR were all normal - even afterwards) .

Later after a month when i revisited the doctor , he removed the Cyromycin and Lysatone and prescribed me only Dapsone -100 mg and a Vitamin capsule named Supradyn  to be taken for more 2-3 years. i took this Dapsone and other vitamin capsule on and off for a while ( like for 3 years - On and off means like for once i did take 4 months continuously and again stop and take again for a while)

But recently from past month - Sep 08 ,i am getting the same pain in my leg and now the nerve pain is extended to my face too .Life has become terrible for me, iam not able to sleep nor walk .

When i go to a physician and skin specialist here in US  , they don’t understand my problem , and they even  dont  beleive that a skin disease would ever effect nerves.

My question, as i have these tablets with me,

All the three from the initial prescription,
Dapsone , Cynomycin,and Lysatone-F ( i got these from a friend who is coming from India).

shall i go a head and take this medicine for a month . I need a temporary relief , ( As iam on a non breakable contract with my employer, i cant even go to India  )..

But iam afraid whether it would give me some side effects or so . Please help me and give me a suggestion to take these tablets .

Please help ......

Thanks very much

Now my question , shall i take this tablets

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