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Never Ending White Plugs Under My Scabs - WHAT ARE THEY? PLZ Help!

I have been dealing with this for like 10 years now and I have potholes on my face and future potholes (open wounds that won't heal) cause of these white plugs/cores in my pores that return overnight even when plucked out. The scabs don't want to heal with these plugs in there and they won't stop coming back. I've been messing with one of my wounds for a year now, sad. I'm 30 now and my acne really isn't all that bad anymore...So id be alight if these scabs would just heal normally. It all starts out with the a pimple. I don't get them very often...but when I do, That's how it all starts. When it get popped, It usually breaks the skin open enough to need a scab...and then that small scab won't heal cause there are these rice grain like plugs (clear as day) in my pores that inhibit the healing process. These plugs are white and of a semi hard consistency. Kind of like Dots candy or dry silicone. They aren't usually as big as a rice grain, but can get that big. I notice after I pluck them out they dry out a shrink in size. I use the corner of a pair of finger nail clippers to pluck them out. I've become quite skilled and surgical with them, I don't usually pluck anything but the plug. But over time...It clearly takes its toll. I've pretty much ruled out Demodex. I'm thinking it's got to be like sebum sacks from like to much sebum production or collagen fill that my body is producing to fill the wound...But if that was the case...why wouldn't it heal normally? The reason I think it could overactive built up/dryed up sebum is because although my face looks acne free despite the open wounds. I can pretty much squeeze sticky sebum out of any pore on my face...You can't really tell its there...But I can just sqeeze almost any pore on my face...and Waala. Gross. :/ My nose and cheek areas are the worst. I got some Tazorac Gel and Cream from my last dermatologist visit (He had no idea what I was talking about with regards to these plugs, I wanted to peel of a scab and show him. He didn't want me to. He probably thought I was crazy.). I plan to start using it daily and see if that cuts down on my sebum production/clears up pores. Side question. Has anyone tied Fraxel Laser or Smoothbeam Laser to restore collagen/fix potholes from past wounds? Did it work good???
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I should note...That this only happens on my face. The only thing that really help them heal quick is Manuka Honey. I use Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey. But even that doesn't seem to help heal the wound fast enough to beat these plugs. It's crazy...It can't be a fungus...There's no way it could materialize that quick...Like overnight.
I am experiencing the same plug/acne issues. Been battling all summer til now and am currently. The dermatologist tried tellingneeded to relax and figure out what was bothering me when I started picking, and basically go to my happy place. Said I have “pickers” acne. Although he is a sweet man I know this is much more. When I had seen him I was on antibiotics for pneumonia for 15 days so all that was really showing was maybe one scab and scars. But alas 7 days after I was finished with my antibiotics it started all over again. I’m going crazy over it. It can be painful, never heals, may start to if I can get the plugs out. I’m just so over it. I have never had to wear so much make up in my life. Other people don’t notice so much, that’s how good I’ve gotten at covering them up but I can’t take it much longer. I go back to dermotoligist next month and I’m gonna insist he do a culture to see what it could be. I’m hoping it’s at its worst or at least enough that he will test it. I’d rather it just go away, but I have very brief periods that it looks as tho it is and unfortunately those times have been when my appointments are taking place.
Well now that I have written a book lol, I was wondering if you had any luck clearing them up or figuring out what it is since you posted your info. What I describe is what I experience to a T, minus every pore excreting sebum. I have many that are clogged like but they don’t all excrete the sebum. The lesions for sure do. But I have normal clogged/and not so clogged pores as well. Right now I have like 5 of those damn things starting to form the initial pimple and 3 open lesions. It’s maddening. I’m definitely going to try a Candida diet just Incase it is an imbalance.
Leishmanasis... 6 Years of this crap. 1 year post Accutane im realizing the liesions are more like a parasite and its not demodex or scabies... The wounds ulcerate and become deep.. Thicker edges almost making the ulcer look deeper. I pick But i honestly think they would be worse if i didn't. The scab is mushy and bubbly looking hut also flat other times. I take off the yellow/white canker like scab and there are a bunch of white dots.. Some big some small. The big ones barely budge and when I get them it leaves holes. I can scrape it with my fingernail and have a bunch of tiny lol speckled grainy stuff that comes out.. (The plugs) ....they don't stop coming.. Even after u think u got them all. Ugh. Im using permethrin lotion. I rubbed it on head to toe and I habe to do another one in 2 weeks (a few days from now). I'm seriously hoping this is the cure. Will keep u updated..
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I have been suffering with this condition for about a year .  I have these wounds that open very easily and my scalp feels like silly putty.  I also have these gooky white plugs in my pores.  And when I get a cut on my head it is like a few centimeters deep and feels  like there’s slimy eggs underneath the scab.  I have seen these yellow egg like things come to the top of the scab.  I have tried to grab them with tweezers but they sound like they crunch.  And the wounds on my scalp don’t heal.  Pls help me!!!!
Pls help me someone I am so desperately looking for a cure or a decrease in my symptoms and I am tired of being misdiagnosed constantly for God sakes!!!!
So sorry for all the frustration you are experiencing- what kind of diagnosis have you gotten so far for this?  Have you been to a dermatologist specifically or just your regular doctor?  
After reading this my husband and I decided to put Listerine ( amber color ) in our hair as it’s widely reported to kill Demodex. Just when I thought they were gone or almost gone this has stirred them up and now I can’t sleep. I’m super itchy this evening!! I pray these horrible things will be gone soon!
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8+ years of this and mine is resolved.  Please reply if you are taking Propecia or Finiseride.  Long story and similar to many - odd twist for me when I ran out of my Finisaride and doc would not renew my Rx until I saw him.   2 weeks without Finisaride and the horrid reproducing plugs are gone - seriously thought I was going crazy - reply if anyone is on either med and we can discuss further.   I’ve had a persistent and horrible spot that is mending fast.  
Wow, I’m so glad you responded with such an insightful thought ( reaction to some sort of medication)! I know how it feels to be discouraged and this story sounds discouraging! Hopefully, this was the answer! I’ve noticed medhelp helps those that are suffering feel less alone in their fight for healing.
This is a very interesting find. I wonder what the connection was. I am sure glad you have had luck with that.
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Small fly myiasis?
No nothing like that. I know what the writer is describing. I have had it for 8 + years with no definitive dgs. Thanks for the input though.
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What about Fungal? Is it itchy? Apparently, fungus produces a hard covering. (Like an exoskeleton) to protect itself. Perhaps those are the hard white plugs? I have used Ketoconazole BUT my rash is all over and so bad that Ketoconazole helped with 50% of the rash. My face is disfigured from it at this point. I have not had a dermatologist give me the time of day DGS me definitively yet. They just think I have a "picking problem".  The fact is I would not be picking if I did not have hard itchy bumps on my body. Worse on my face, shoulders, back and abdomen but I get it in my ears, eyelids..everywhere. I have lost faith in MD's honestly.  Hope this helps.
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i had this problem as well. last week i had a pimple with no head and i decided to treat it with salicylic acid. see i am aware that salicylic acid may burn the skin and in my case it did since my pimple did not have a head. as a result, the skin came off and i saw white plugs. i tried putting ointments and oils and petroleum jelly but i just kept having the urge to squeeze every white plug or use tweezers to get them out but to no avail, it did not want to get out. so i researched on it and alot said they were keratin plugs and are there because its your body’s response (initial healing) theyre there for a reason so dont try to get them out. before i knew this the open wound would just scab and fall off over and over again and usually the scab was yellow so i thought it was infected. so i tried covering it with a cutout bandaid with a little ointment and after a few days it healed.
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