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Non-contagious skin infection?

For a few months now my partner has had several round, red lesions on his thighs, calves, groin, backs of the knees and buttocks, ranging in size from a pimple to a dime (and much smaller red bumps on his forearms that look more like heat rash, except they've lasted as long). They itch, and some have white scales on them. Many of the ones on his calves and forearms have developed scabs from his scratching. They aren't contagious; we're together constantly and I have had none of these lesions.

At first his doctor called it ringworm, but when antifungal cream and oral medication had no effect he suggested it could be psoriasis or eczema. We've tried coal tar ointment, salicylic acid shampoo, even things like tea tree oil, vinegar, bleach and bloodroot! None seem to have any effect at all.

He doesn't drink coffee at all and takes in very little caffeine. He hasn't had excessive sun exposure. We think a few particularly humid days where he had to wear a suit for work and was sweating prodigiously might have triggered it.... but what is it and why won't it go away??

What else could it be, what other treatments should he try, how do we determine exactly what it is?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Possibly 'Pityriasis rosea'.Should settle with hydrocortisone creme.but do consult your doc.
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If it's a type of eczema, what he eats will make a difference.  I have a different type of eczema, but the strategies will be the same.  Google "eczema diet" or "what not to eat with eczema".  Also, it matters what the skin comes into contact with.  He may be allergic to sulfites.  Check out the allergy community and look for the thread called "what else contains sulfites".  There are some links within the thread for you to consider.  Look for the one near the end of the thread about "house mouse".  In her site she has all kinds of helpful information.  Your laundry powder could be the culprit.  So, could the hair wash, because those nearly always have sulfites.  Gluten and dairy are huge factors for me.  I no longer get the miserable eczema blisters on my hands from the form of eczema I have just because avoiding gluten and dairy really does matter for me.
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Hi, seems the case of thrashr's partner is similar to my husband.  He consulted a number of derma already but nothing works.  Can you advice a doctor or specialist to check his skin condition?
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The only other specialist I can think of to see is an allergist.
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