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Non itchy skin rash

I'm 19 and a healthy male with no serious illnesses. I recently got a rash on my chest which is not itchy at all but is red and bumpy. It looks as if there are a bunch of little bumps in this area around my chest.They also look a little dry.
Also about the same time i got this, there is another non itchy rash on my thigh. This rash aren't like little bumps but more like random shaped dry areas of skin.Each little area is about the size of a "pinky" nail and are kind of clustered into an area about the size of my fist. I was just hoping for some feedback. I'm waiting to verify my insurance an I am a little scared about the rash. My girlfriend said the one on my chest is spreading but I don't see it. Thank you for your time.
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bump please if that works?
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it could be an allergic reaction of some sort or just really dry skin. You can try a lotion that is non-comedogenic and/or hypoallergenic. That way it won't irritate your skin. And make sure you keep your skin very clean, so as to make sure there is no large amount of bacteria in that area.
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This could be an irritation, dermatitis or inflamed hair follicle. Are there other signs or symptoms present? Folliculitis or inflamed hair follicle, in particular is a pimple like lesion which usually resolve on its own and has a tendency to recur. It is important to keep the area clean and dry. Warm compress may also help. Avoid manipulating the lesion to avoid secondary infection.

If it still persists, it would be best to have it evaluated by your doctor for proper management.

Take care and keep us posted
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well i've had it for about a week or two now and it still in the same state

i was wondering if pictures would help and if non itchy rashes are usualy not as harmful
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I Have Exactly The Same Rash, I Think It May Be Psoriasis Which Is A Type Of Excema. I Have Made An Appointment To See My Doctor As I Think It Is Spreading, I Suggest You Do The Same , Best Of Luck x
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