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Nose Boil

---------------- BEGIN BACKGROUND INFO --------------------------
Over the last 6 months or so, I have gotten a boil onh my nose, 4 times. Never had a boil before, and didn't know thats exactly what it was until this time, because it hasn't healed as quick.  (So I started looking around online for more info)

Usually anti-biotic ointment had helped it heal quick before. This time, it seemed just like the other times.  It started around last Sunday, and i have been doing the anti-biotic ointment, and it seemed to be getting better -- but between Thur, and Fri, it got way more swollen than the other times -- while very strangely, at the same time getting LESS tender(painful -- was VERY painful to touch, all past 4 times, and this time before it got more swollen). So it's not as sore now, but more swollen that I have ever seen it get.

The pic linked below, is from Fri night.  Its now Sat afternoon, and it appears, to be just slightly less swollen, and red (but its still much more swollen than any of the previoius times ever got)

(As more background info, I have not had a fever, fatigue, or felt ill, at all.)
Here is a link to a collage of pics. (from last night (Friday night))

Anyway, in my research, I noticed this...

"... although the spread of infection from boils is relatively unusual, there have been deaths reported from brain infections caused by squeezing boils on the upper lip or in the tissue folds at the base of the nose."

"Patients need to be warned against picking at or squeezing boils because of the danger of spreading the infection into other parts of the skin or bloodstream. It is especially important to avoid squeezing boils around the mouth or nose because infections in these areas can be carried to the brain."

---------------- END BACKGROUND INFO --------------------------

---------------- BEGIN QUESTIONS --------------------------

I havn't squeezed it or anything -- and I am conviced I should go see a docter Monday, (if not sooner (kinda what Im trying to figure out))

But what I am wondering, should I still do the normal moist heat, a few times a day, provided I am careful not to put toO much presure on it, or should I completly avoid doing anything at all until I see a Doc?

Also, would it be safe to think I am probably OK to wait til monday to see a Doc, or should I go to an Urgent Care, ASAP?

I am assuming, that the fever a feeling Ill symptoms are likely to show up, if it does get in my blood. -- Are there specific symptoms to look out for, other than that, that would indicate, I need to go to Urgent Care, ASAP - because of possible blood, or brain infection?
---------------- END QUESTIONS --------------------------
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