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Nose pustules and scalp folliculitis management

Long story short. Since 1,5 years i ve been suffering from scalp folliculitis taken from a hairdresser which consistently made my life miserable. Been to many derms and took many courses of antibiotics that would help for the moment. The itchy pagches and then boils formation was so consistent. After a while i started having a very itchy nose. The itch was unbearable i couldn t even sleep. White head boils near the nose would appear that re very painful and pop up in 24h by themselves.Of course i wanted to end the itching so i used some steroid cream and antibiotic cream locally. It all got better but it would explode after i d stop. I searched a lot for this issue and found out that this may bd a perioral dermatitis. I should avoid floride and sls. I did it for 1 month but no improvement. The fact is that my folliculitis gets almost cured when i use the Clear shampoo which has SLS in it but following the PerDerm rule I should not use any sls soever. I will soon be having a hair transplant not touching the affected area of course and i am afraid of complications. Also my pd is not better since stopping the clear shampoo. To.mention.that a low dose of doxy helped me in the past. Also taking vitamin D supp, GSE extract, sls free shampoo and no fluoride toothpaste for the momrmt  moment but no improvement. I use no facecream just chamomile tea to.calm it.Could you help me with some ideas? I m overwhelmed and in pain. Stopped months ago the steroid cream. So i cannot blame it on steroids. I believe in a miracle
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