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Not sure what this skin problem is please help

So 5 days ago I woke up to an extremely bad muscle ache. especially in my neck. and everytime i would move my head from side to side it hurt so much. I felt a little feverish and sluggish too. The next day in the morning I stll felt a stiffness in my body and it ached so bad. but towards night time the aches were decreasing tremendously. I was confused about the type of pain I was in because it was like a numbing pain something I didnt experience before. I looked up those symtoms and Meningitis came up. Well the next day the aches went away. And as i was coming home from work i noticed all these red bumps on my hands and arms and legs. But nothing really hurt in my body anymore.
I went to the Doctors and they told me they thought it was allergy. Ive never really had any allergies to anything before, So i was careful to try not to be contagious or close to people anyways.
The next day there were even more bumps and were getting more red and started to itch, except for my face i didnt really get any on there. I really dont know what this is, especially with those symptoms that happened in the beginning. could there be such things as a mild form of meningitis? could something like this be measles? chickenpox? (ive never had chicken pox in my life and im 24 now) something else? any help would be appreciated.
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