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Oily Hair

I am a 46 year old female and I recently noticed that my hair had become extremely oily but not all over my head.  After vigorous shampooing, even with a clarifying shampoo, my hair is still oily immediately after drying,  What can cause my hair to be oily immediatly after shampooing?  It just won't come clean.
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I have a problem with oily skin and hair as well. I have found certain shampoos make the condition 10 time worse (head and shoulders & suave). Try to avoid pork (Ham, bacon, etc) products if you can, I noticed that when I eat certain foods I have even more oily skin/hair. You may want to visit a dermatogist to figure out why your are producing so much oil. I recently visited a local beauty supply store and I bought a small shampoo bottle of Redken. My hair has gotten it shine back and I have less oil. I also try not to scrub my hair to much because I hear that causes more oil to be produced (stripping scalp)  http://www.redken.com/  I also heard tea tree shampoos are good for oily hair but I haven't found a tea tree shampoo brand that I like yet. Hope this helps...
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I am having the exact same, sudden issue and am 44.  Looking at all the different threads on this subject, I can't believe it is related to any products.  Hormonal sounds most likely, but not necessarily early menopause (tho maybe for u and me!).  The doctor who replied to one thread was useless - he didn't know what it was so said it was probably nothing and then advised the person who said nothing was working that she should just keep doing what she is doing!!!!

I am going to do more research.  Meanwhile, I wash and wash and wash and wear a ponytail a lot.  So cute on a 40something!!!
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I suffered oily hair around my crown and generally dull hair elsewhere.  all in the last two weeks.  I changed shampoos (tried several, all of which had been fine up until now) washed my hairbrushes, changed the towels...
worse!  This was on the first weekend.  Then using a different bathroom all week (I live away from home for work) my hair was lovely and soft and shiny again.  Then home on the weekend... and back to gunk!  I have asked my husband to change the showerhead before I get home this week, just in case something has built up in there and it affecting my hair.  I am also going to contact the water company to see if they have changed something - pipes, anything they add to the water etc.  I just cannot believe my hair has changed suddenly overnight, even though I did just turn 49.
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I had this exact same problem and used some of the tips in this thread to get rid of it:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Dermatology/Sticky---Oily---Greasy-scalp/show/739022  I soaked my hair with tea tree oil, vinegar and washed with Palmolive.  I hope this helps :)  I still wish I knew what it was from...
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