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Oily Skin

I'm 18 and have been getting acne since I was 11, though the breakouts and severity of them have greatly slowed down since then. This may be a rediculous question...but is there any way to control how much sebum (oil) your skin produces? Basically meaning is it possible for someone with oily skin to transform their over oily skin into that of a normal type? I use all those cleansers and astringents that are supposidly "oil controling" but they only seem to work for a little while. I just hate having to blot my face and apply powder every hour of the day. And does anyone recommend a certain concealer/foundation? Right now and for the past few months I have been using Maybelline oil free & shine minimizing products. Thanks to all of you that have some advice!
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I'm 19 and have oily skin and still have some zits on my face, so I totally understand where you are coming from.  For  make up I use maybelline dream matte mousse and maybelline shine free pressed powder.  This usually does a fairly well job for me.  It could have something to do with me living in New York and it being winter. I also like to try and use things with tea tree oil in it.  My skin is more on the sensitive side so I have to watch myself.
Best of luck to you,
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Thanks Kaitlin :)
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I use Proactive and that seems to control the oil on my face.  In addition, and I dont recommend this for everyone, I clean my face with a cotton ball and alcohol solution before I go to bed.  This might not be the best solution, but it has helped me significantly in controling the oil of my face.
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No problem, let us know if you find something that works.  I did use proactive, but am a college student and need to buy myself a new car, life is expensive who knew...Now I use Clearisal Acne scrub I think it's called and put clearisal on my skin when need be.
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Try cleansing your face every night with alcohol.  Dont use too much though.  The Clearasil tinted cream works for me every time.
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I found this miracle soap by clinique its exspeacially made for oily skin. ive suffered with very oily skin and acne all my life and this soap seems to work the best.
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