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Oily Skine/Acne- Tropical Climate

I have an opportunity to work in Congo (Pointe-Noire), but the country has a tropical climate: with Hot (20 to 30 Deg C) and Humid (80%) weather. I'm 34 Yrs old and I have an oily skin, due to a return of light acne, that takes a long time, my doctor prescribed to me CURACNE 10 mg (equ. to ACCUTANE). 1. is it risky to live in a tropical climate under the above described condition, Knowing that almost the time I have to work at office? 2. Can Accutane help me at that climate conditions? Thanks
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The climate may have some effect on your skin, but I wouldn't call it risky.  Have you contacted the doctor that prescribed you Accutane to talk to them about your concerns regarding the new climate?  
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Thanks for your reply, and support by this positive comment.
Last time after control visit, he said it will be no problem for this move, just to follow the prescribed medicines (Accutane 10 mg for 03 months). But I'm doubting because , in Algiers in summer sometimes Humidity is around 60% to 70% (25 to 30Deg C), I feel uncomfortable, but with Accutane Ok (no new pimples). But in a Congo the climate is in all the year under min. 80% of relative humidity, may be very difficult. Thanks again
I think if this is a good opportunity for you- go for it!  I changed locations to a much more humid region years ago and didn’t see any notable difference in my skin (at the time I had pretty oily skin).
Yes it's my dream job. Your reply gave me of a huge dose for courage to take decision,
I appreciate your concern. Many thanks/ Best regards
Best of luck with your dream job!  You will have to let us know how it goes when you get there!
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