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Only 22, prominent chin wrinkle/crease? Please help :(

I've recently started noticing that the line under my bottom lip and above chin is really defined. I guess I've always had somewhat of a chin crease but I'm wondering if it's gotten worse over the past few years. I suddenly realized that it seems more noticeable than it once did. I'm kind of worried about it and super self-conscious. I'm only 22 and I don't want to be getting wrinkles already. Also, this wrinkle has a certain effect that makes it seem unnatural rather than natural. Maybe this is me just being self-conscious, but it makes me feel like an alien (based on how it divides my chin). Can someone tell me what may have caused this? I read somewhere online that it may have to do with weight distribution to the body, which would make sense because my weight has fluctuated by noticeable amounts over the past few years (fat to skinny to fat to average). Also, what exactly is this line? Is it  an actual wrinkle? Or is it maybe just dry skin/a result of poor shaving? (It's difficult to shave my chin without irritating the skin). I really don't want to have to resort to botox or plastic surgery: I'm just a college kid.
I've added some photos for visual aid. Thank you so much.
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Try nerium. It sound like fat deposited and your weight will definitely play a role in that. Nerium will break that down and tighten. You will have to buy under an indepent seller but its worth it.. This stuff is amazing. If it can take an ugly turkey neck to a beautiful sexy neck...then it can help with your chin.. Check out their web site. Its been on the news and the Dr. Show.

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