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Oral Herpes Or Pimple / Ingrown Hair ? : (

Hello Doctor,

Coincidently (I think), about a week after kissing a woman I developed what I thought were a few pimples or ingrown hairs just to the left of the corner of my mouth.  (I shave once a week but to be honest cannot remember if these came about before or after shaving).  There were 2 or 3 of them.  The ones furthest from my mouth have almost all gone away.  The one close to my lip/corner of my mouth is smaller and faded but still visible.  I became concerned because I thought it could be oral herpes (I was tested about 2 years ago and came up negative).  Its slowly going away and only stings when I open my mouth wide.  About 3 days ago, thinking it was a pimple, I put some medication on it and the next morning it was a bit crusted over.  This got me nervous because that would indicate herpes but it also could have just been the medication hardening up overnight.  I'm very anxious because I just don't know what it is.  I'm going to a dermatologist today but because its almost gone I'm not sure he will even be able to swap and test it. What I can tell you is that I did think there was a whitehead on it at one point which I popped.  It didn't really go away after that.  Also, there are a few hair follicles in the middle of this thing.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated thanks      
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Since I'm not seeing it, I also can't be sure.  However, most herpes lesions have a whol cluster of blisters, not one or two, and mostly they occur on the lip itself, not at the corner.  So I'm guessing it easn't herpes.  If you get the same thing again in the same vicinity, see your doctor right away (or at least take a good picture to shoe the doctor.)

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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Quick Question: Can taking VALTREX before a sexual encounter minimize the risk of contracting Herpes.  And if so, how long (or after) the encounter do you recommend taking it?

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There is no way to prevent infection of herpes except to wear protection.
valtrex only prevents outbreaks for the infected.
there is currently no cure or 100% prevention of herpes.
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