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Oral/lip/facial herpes concern

Thank you.  I am 24 and male.  10 days ago, I kissed someone who gets cold sores (none visible at the time).  3 days later, I noticed a small pimple just under left nostril - popped easily and went away quickly.  5 days later, I noticed an area of redness on right upper lip with a tiny white pimple-like material which I swept off with a paper towel.  7 days later (3 days ago), I noticed a tiny pimple on top of my left upper lip.  I popped it with some difficulty, yet it came back a day later.  I showed it to a dermatologist, who said it was a pimple and to stop touching it.  Yesterday, I shaved and cut myself right under the right lower lip.  Today, I woke up and found a tiny pimple, just like the one I had on the other side, where I cut myself.  Along with this, since kissing the girl my lips feel overly sensitive at times.  Could this also be because I cannot stop constantly tonguing/inspecting them? I have also noticed a few of tiny white spots show up along my lower lip in the past few days.  They are not noticeable when I try to point them out to others.  They are definitely new, though a couple are gone now.  Finally, I noticed an area of redness along lower right lip this morning, where I also swept off some white gunk.  1) what could have caused the redness with white stuff on my lips?  2) what can these tiny white spots be on my lower lip (sebaceous glands, clogged pores?)  3) can herpes ever look like tiny pimples?  Thank you again.
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Sebaceous glands, a pimple or two, plus worry.  Not herpes.  You're past the incubation period anyway.  Many people get cold sores.  Probably lots of the people you have kissed or will kiss fall into this category.  You take reasonable precautions, as you did by noticing that she didn't have an active cold sore.  Then just get on with your life, which is what I suggest you do now.


Dr. Rockoff
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Also, I and others have noticed some swelling (almost like a bump) right in the middle of my upper lip, which has been there for the past 1.5 days:


Does that look like a normal middle upper lip to you?  Is it safe to say it's not swelling from herpes? Should that have blistered by now if it were?

Also, here's a picture where you can see spots (presumable from popping the tiny 'pimples') around my lips.  Does anything look herpetic to you (sorry for the low resolution):


Unfortunately I cannot post any picture of the redness inside my lips, due to the quality of my camera.

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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I do not disagree with your assertion that it is not herpes, but I would like to question it.  I don't understand what you mean by the incubation period being past.  From my understand, incubation can take as long as 3 weeks in some cases.  Secondly, several people have pointed out to me a red bump in the middle of my upper lip which has been there for the last two days.  I would just like to know what this bump could be, if it isn't herpes.  Thank you.
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I had unprotected oral sex last week and I just recently noticed that there is a water blister inside in my mouth (inner-lower lip/right side).  I have been overly stressed this passed month.  I'm also a vegetarian.  The blister is clear most of the time, but sometimes it gets red,,.so it changes color every now and then.  Not sure if it's with heat or stress, or the foods i'm eating.  Or even lack of nutrients perhaps?  There's only one, but it's 1/4" in diameter.  It's painless, but I always check with my tongue to see if it's stll there.  Do I have herpes?!

Thank You.

Please let me know asap if you can.
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Oh yeah, I've been searching all over for herpes pics and it doesn't look like the blister that I have.  It can't be mucocele either, 'cause it's a clear blister.  The oral sex was pretty rough and I did have some tiny cankers from trauma in my mouth.  They've healed already though.  I'm in my early 20's.  
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