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Oval, flat pink rash-like lesion just above hipbone


I've had this pinkish patch on my abdomen, just above my hipbone for about 10 days now. It's approx 1,5 x 0,7 cm and I think it's grown a little bit since it appeared. It doesn't have defined borders, it sometimes seems rised but it's not (I can't feel it when I brush my fingers over it). It's just like normal skin to the touch - it feels smooth.
At first I thought it was a bug bite or something, but it does NOT itch, sting or hurt in any way.
I had a similar rash-like lesion a couple months ago, just beside my nipple (a non-sun-exposed zone, or barely exposed), but it went away in three days or so.

It looks similar to the photo (it's not mine, it's a photo of pityriasis rosea I found), but the edges are not as defined, I have a single lesion and it's a bit lighter in color.

As a background, I can say I'm a 20-year-old female, mediterranian but rather fair skinned, dark eyes and hair. I've have had hand eczema for over 4-5 years (probably due to hand-washing compulsion from OCD). I've had some mild sunburns, but nothing serious - I don't think I've ever burned the area where the lesion is, though. I don't have an abnormal number of moles and I don't have any atypical nevus. No relevant personal or family history in skin conditions or other serious illneses, that I know of.

What could this be? Should I be concerned? When should it go away? I'm in the process of getting an appointment with a dermathologist, but I'll have to wait a few months for the visit due to long waiting lists.

I'm also afraid to go to the beach or pool or even wearing crop tops because I don't know if sunlight would be bad for this. I'm a hypochondriac and I'm afraid this is some kind of precancerous lesion or even worse, an amelanotic melanoma, so I'm terrified to expose the lesion to the sun.

Thank you in advance!
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