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Oval Flat redness at top of penis shaft below head
After receiving a hand job, my penis was generally irritated for a few days. After about a week, I noticed a small oval shaped flat red spot in the wrinkled skin area at the top of my penis shaft below the head. It has been a month and it is still there. It does not hurt or itch and has not increased in size (less than 1 cm). No pain during urination or other discomfort. Barely noticeable when soft, it gets red and shinny after erection, masturbation and sex. Seems as if the stretching of the skin and rubbing cause it to act up. It is not raised and does not look like a pimple and has never bleed or ever broke the skin. When the skin is stretched is looks shinny and red as well. Otherwise it gets somewhat dry for which I have used lotion.

Please let me know what this could be and if it is general irritation or something more serious. Thanks.
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Dear mrblu760,

Thanks for writing in.

A single erythematous non itchy, non painful lesion without any discharge or elevation on the glans is most likely to be due to mild trauma that would have occurred due to constant friction during the act of masturbation or any other sexual episode.

A trauma due to any coarse cloth, zipper of the pant or scratching during the night (in sleep) can also present with a similar picture.

A STD (sexually transmitted disease) of any kind will have some symptom like pain, itching, discharge etc.

The glans skin is too sensitive to bear even the slightest of trauma and when affected takes long to come back to normal.

This doesn’t seem to be anything significant and you can just apply any moisturiser to keep the skin soft and supple.

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