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Painful bumps on my head

I am 20 years old (just turned 20 yesterday) and since the time I was eight I have had strange bumps on my head. My dad found the first one on the very top right side of my head, right behind the hairline. It is hard and flesh colored. It is raised about 3/4 an inch off my head and is the size of my thumb nail. It is extreamly painful to the touch.
The second I found when I was about 14. It is on also on the top, but it is on the left side of my natural part towards the back. It is also very hard to the touch, and I believe it is flesh colored. It's about the size of my index fingernail, and is only raised about half an inch.
The third I discovered a few months ago. It is in the very back of my head, a bit behind the second one. it is hard to the touch, and i believe it is also flesh colored. It is very small, only about the size of my pinky finger nail, and is hardly raised at all.
They are all painful when they are lightly pressed, and I'm really worried about them, especially because the first one has been bothering me alot lately. I have a long history of mind numbing headaches and migranes, although they have thankfully subsided a bit lately.
When we first found the bumps I was not insures, but I am now and i would really like to know what these are and what can be done about them!
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