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Painful red bump near pelvis/scrotum

I have a painful red bump on my pelvis, near where the skin becomes the scrotom.  It's definitely not a pimple, because they are never this painful or hard. I felt it below the skin before it was really red and noticeable.  Is this a boil (hopefully), and what should I do?  (I'm trying not to do anything, cause I don't wanna mess with that area.)
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It has gotten smaller and less painful, but it is still a bump (mostly under the skin), still red, and and still sensitive to the touch.  Any ideas?
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I've also noticed lately that my left testicle is larger, and I'm extremely freaking out about it right now.  I'm like hyper aware of that area right now, and I don't know if I'm feeling strange sensations (like tightness and numbness), or if it's in my head cause I'm freaking out (because of the red bump on that side.

Some input would be very helpful.
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UPDATE: I just had my girlfriend look at it, and she said it's white in the center like a pinpoint.  She says she didn't see any color around it, but the skin looks dark-red/purplish to me.  She also laughed and said my left nut is bigger than me right.
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Are there other symptoms present like fever, etc? A groin lump could be due to any of the following: allergic reaction, enlarged lymph glands in the groin area, hernia,  or infection. If it persists and other symptoms arise, I would recommend that you have this evaluated further by your doctor for proper management.   A complete medical history and physical examination, which includes a genital or pelvic examination are important to reach a diagnosis.  Laboratory tests may also be done to rule out other causes.

Take care and regards.  
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No other symptoms, unless you count my larger left nut, but that happened before the painful red bump.

It is now raised and red.  Still pretty sensitive.  
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Any more thoughts would be appreciated.  I don't have health insurance (God bless America), and this totally *****.
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