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Painful small lump on right side base of skull

I have found a small painful lump at the base of my skull on the lower right side--just above the hair line on that bone right behind the ear---seemed to come up yesterday----no lesion or break in the skin or redness--just painful and slightly squishy--I have an appointment with dermatologist in about 2 weeks---does this seem like a dermatologist issue?  

FYI I have had melanoma (mole--below breast) about 8 years ago (no chemo or radiation---) completely removed, with no recurrence at all---I just want to be certain I am going to the right doctor--and also what do you think it might be?  Could this be a cancer issue?  

Thank you so much---
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Doesn't sound like cancer to me. The fact that is showed up so recently/suddenly, with pain, strongly implies that it is some sort of infected follicle or pimple or something of that nature. Certainly a dermatologist would be able to diagnose it; I think you've got nothing to worry about. I doubt your previous melanoma presented in this way...melanomas behave much differently than what you're describing.
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I have this all the time. They just come from nowhere and then vanish just as quickly. Usually mine appear just below the hairline of my neck and mainly on  the muscle to the side of the top of my spine. I have no idea what they are or why they appear, but they do vanish after a while.
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Thank you both!  you made me feel better--will still keep my appointment, but at least the anxiety factor is lessened!  Will post an update as soon as I know---

thanks again for the insight from both of you!
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I have this as of yesterday and I'm guessing it's muscle knot of some sort.  Pressing on it it feels sore, and the neck muscle in general is a little tight in the middle.  Sore spot feels like a little ball at left side base of skull - top of ear level and back an inch by hairline.  I've had it once or twice before and it's gone away after a few days.  Drink lot's of water I guess.
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