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Patches of dry, (sometimes) itchy skin.

I'm 15, Asian, and not sexually active in any way.

On my arms and legs sometimes I have patches of dry skin, sometimes they get inflamed and become very itchy and red, nothing seems to work. The ones on my arm leave my skin white where the patch was. Awhile ago I've been noticing that the patches have been starting to form around my cheeks and my chin.

I've visited many doctors for my skin, and they've all been left puzzled. They have diagnosed me with enzyme and I have been prescribed many creams and pills.. Which haven't helped at all. Dehydration and malnutrition is defiantly not it either, I drink and eat fruit a lot more than most people. What do you think? So far Lupus is the best explanation, but I'd rather avoid thinking it is.
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Do you have white patches inside your mouth? If yes, then it might be oro-pharyngeal candidiasis.
I think either it could be photosensitive skin disorder or allergic contact dermatitis or Steven-Johnson syndrome.
You need to re-check with your consultant.
Keep me posted.
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i have the same condition too.. i dont know what it can be but the doctor think its an allergic reaction. but my patches are located on my chin, cheeks, upper chest, torso, and back, but not on the arms or legs. its been three weeks and i still have the patches on me. my upper chest is better but left behind white spots and kinda make my skin look a lot older. for the other area, its still rough, flaky, and red. i guess, best wishes to both of us to get better..
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I had something very similar to this on my arms and my back neck.  I was diagnosed with Tinea Versicolor.  I was given some cream medication, can't remember what it was called.  I was also advised to use Selson Blue on the affected areas.  White patches went away after a few weeks only to return again 8 months later.  My doctor informed me that my body was allergic to certain bacteria or fungai on my skin.  Other people have this on their skin too but some just don't react to it like others.  Anytime I see signs of it, I try to use Selson Blue on it immediately to minimize it from spreading.  If it gets itchy or unbarable, the best lotion I have found is GoldBond Triple Action Relief with Methol (green bottle). It can be found at any drug store, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc... Leaves the skin nice and moist and cool.  Best part is the Menthol in the lotion feels like I'm scratching the itch but since I'm not, I was not damaging my skin.  I remember times when I could not sleep at night due to the itching. I found this lotion and am so happy.
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Itching is commonly seen in a lot of dermatological conditions, the most common being skin inflammation due to any cause.
Allergy is one of the main causes, in your case it could be eczema. Eczema is a chronic skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes. Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis.
Eczema is due to a hypersensitivity reaction (similar to an allergy) in the skin, which leads to long-term inflammation. The inflammation causes the skin to become itchy and scaly. Long-term irritation and scratching can cause the skin to thicken and an have a leather-like texture.
It can be diagnosed onlt on examination.Alternatively a  skin lesion biopsy may be performed to make the diagnosis.
You can apply a mild Corticosteroid ointment on the affected patches.
If it

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I started with something similar to this a month ago, one of my best friends is Asian and he also got it. It could be pityriasis rosea. It's not contagious and goes away on it's own so there is no need to panic. I'd recommend some itch relief cream. One way to find out if you have this is if you have one larger patch somewhere else on your body. I'd try searching it on google images to see if it matches up! Hope this helps!
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