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Peeling lips (Continue)

Re: Peeling lips on 11/26/01
Thank you so much for your advice. I would follow your suggestion. Also, I would appreciate your answer or opinion on these followings.
1) Have you ever seen or heard that anybody who has the peeling lips like mine (or other kind of allergic evident on lips) is allergic to the dental material eventhough it is not direct contact to the lips(like almalgum filling or the crowning over the tooth that is made of the mixture of gold,silver,copper palladuim)? If so, should I do the skin patch test of these dental material so as to find way to get rid of the cause of allergy.
2) In case that the dental materials is not the cause, whatelse could it be? As during the past 4 months of my lips peeling, I have been trying hard to avoid all kinds of direct contact materials to my lips such as all kinds of lipstick, soap,toothpaste, mounth wash chemical and all kind of cosmetic and some kind of  food like milk, cinnamon,sea food, oily food. Can the food flavor like vanilla, and non-freash juice flavor be the cause of allergy? At least this would help get rid of this peeling cycle after the course of using of steriod.
3) In case that we can not find the cause of allergy, I take oral antitisthamine to prevent the lip speeling?
3) Have you ever seen anybody who is suffered from psoriasis or pam pliegus having the similar peeling lips problems   ( Lips only )

Again, thank you very much for your comment.
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In reverse order:

Pemphigus causes severe blistering inside the mouth.  Although it is rare and I have little personal experience with pemphigus, I don't think it affects the lips in the way your propblems present.
Psoriasis does not affect the lips.
Antihistamines are not likely to help.  Topical cortisone creams and moisturizers are best.
I doubt that dental implants ar amalgams could cause problems only on the lips (as opposed to the gums and inner cheeks.)
Allergy of any kind is unlikely.  If you want to be absolutely sure, you should consult a dermatologist who specializes in allergy patch testing.  Check at a local academic medical center.  The American Academy of Dermatology (www.aad.org) is a good resource.


Dr. Rockoff
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Hi:  I just wanted to let you know that the doc is wrong about psoriasis on the lips.  Just because he hasn't had a patient with it, does mean it does not exist.  I have it on my lips.  Although mine dont peel because I keep them lubricated with just about anything - from lotion to chapstick, or I even use Vicks Vapor Rub to keep them from peeling.  Luckly they haven't peeled yet.  I have psoriasis on my face and within the last month has traveled down to my lips.  So he is wrong in this case.  

If you find something that helps your lips, please post it.

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The doc takes exception!  Psoriasis does not affect mucous membranes.  You may have something wrong with your lips, but it isn't psoriasis.  The doc can be wrong about some things, but not about this.

Doc Rockoff
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You dont say??  I have psoriasis in the area between my nose and lips and it has just recently spread to the middle portion of my upper lip.  Its identical to what is all over my face and body.  I also have it on the ends of my nose - on the inside!  Isnt that part of the mucous membrane also?? So what else could it be??  Its not just chapped lips - it is one big lesion.  I have psoriasis over 80% of my body.  I beg to differ on this diagnosis in my case.....


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This condition may be Actinic chelitis.  This is a percancerous condition due to excessive sun exposure. It normally occurs in older people, but I developed it at the age of 25.  Has your face been exposed to a lot of sun, or have you had sun poisining in your lips?  If so, I would mention this to your dermatologist.  I have had this before and it needs to be treated with either Efudex cream or with laser surgery.
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OK.  I have had the same problem with my lips for about 4 years.  I have seen about 50 doctors, none of which could diagnois me.  I had a patch test which revealed I was very allergic to nickel.  I went to a contact dermatitis specialist, and he asked me if I had any dental work.  I had about 11 silver fillings and 3 crowns and 1 gold inlay.  I just started removing the silver fillings, and I have the 2 crowns and 1 inlay left, but soooo much improvement.  I advise you to remove the metal from your mouth, temporarily at least.  This doctor is wrong for telling you its not possible.  Anyone can be sensitive to anything!  Although this is very rare, I have been very insecure and depressed because no one could help me.  I hope this helps.  E-mail me at krizos at aol dot com to discuss further.  
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