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Penile itching

Five days ago, I used a shower gel on my body, including my genitals.  Ever since waking up the next morning, the shaft, foreskin, and glans portions of my penis itch profusely.  There is no sign of any rash or irritation to be quite honest.  The only noticeable physical symptom is that the area turns red after resort to itching it.

I realize that itching won't help.  Tea tree oil and aloe have not helped.  Washing provides a temporary relief, but the itching sensation is back within minutes following the cleansing.  

I probably should mention that I was diagnosed with psoriasis quite a few years back.  My understanding of the disease is that it's incurable and travels through the blood.  My feet and hands itch very often.  Is it possible to transfer some form of this disease by itching my feet then touching my genitals?  

I am very careful about hygiene, especially with regards to this area of my body.  I can't rule out a fungus, but it sure doesn't seem like a fungal issue.  I've had a similar reaction to shower gels and soaps in the past.

I certainly won't refuse to see a doctor, but it's not my first choice given the embarrassing nature of my issue.  So, my questions are:

1.) Do I need to avoid sexual activity especially to avoid possibly passing this off or making it worse?

2.) If Aloe and Tea Tree Oil aren't helping, and given that the symptoms don't follow typical fungal issues verbatim, what should I consider?  Hydrocortisone?

3.) Since there's no physical symptom, outside of redness caused by itching, how long can I expect the itching to continue.  There was never a pattern to this in the past.

I appreciate any advice and information the group can provide.

With much regards,


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