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Penis Hyperpigmentation (new moles?)


I am 34 year old male. I have fair skin, blue/blond eyes, no melanoma in family. Father and mother did not have lots of moles, but I do have many - some of them atypical/dysplastic.

Brief intro: I have never been to dermatologist before February 2008, when I excised one "suspicious" mole - which turned out to be normal compound nevus. Waiting on biopsy results has triggered intense anxiety for me last few months. I was again in October and released with recommendation that I remove few moles if I find them "annoying" (one "bumpy" is in the middle of my back and I sometimes feel it while sitting/driving). Dermatologist said I was OK and should return for checkup next year. She also said that I have some moles that are growing, but they are "growing normally" and it is OK also to get new moles/spots so I don't need to worry.

I was embarassed at the time to show female doctor some spots I got on my penis.

They were present this year, but I do not remember when did they appear or how fast did they grow. Apart from those three, I see couple more beginning to form on the other side, now they are similar in size and looks to smallest one on the left. They seem less dark but bigger when the foreskin is stretched (not circumsized)

I get brownish spots on my face and body all the time, but until I got them down there I did not care that much.

I am in the long term relationship and there should not be any STD issues. I apply pressure to my penis for long periods of time, working at the computer, occasional groping myself in that area while sitting. My diet is OK. Blood test OK.

In the link below you can find the image of the spots. I have put ruler there for scale (mm units)


Thanks in advance
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As best I can tell from the photo, these spots look like ordinary moles that should be left alone.  However, the only way to get a definitive diagnosis is to have a doctor examine them in person.  If seeing a woman physician makes you uncomfortable, you ought to seek out a male one.


Dr. Rockoff
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