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Perioral Dermatitis


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  It is regarding Perioral Dermatitis and if an acute HIV rash can show up as perioral dermatitis?

I asked questions in the HIV forum and know I have low risk for HIV, but its been three weeks since I hooked up with my gf and she has gotten small red bumps around her mouth and red skin a little (both sides of her chin and a on one side of mouth).

She went to her dermatoligist and she said it is perioral dermatitis by looking at it.  Now let me mention my gf had dry skin around the area for a few weeks before this and she uses differin and some oral medicine for acne.  

She also asked her dermatoligist if this could be acute hiv rash and the dermatoligist said no since acute hiv rash is generalized and not localized (also said she would have other symptoms),  She had a sore throat for a few days and a dry throat a few mornings.  (no other symptoms)

Just wanted a second opinion and ask you if acute hiv rash can show up as perioral dermatitis and no other rashes anywhere else.

I know I am probably paranoid, but would appreciate your opinion thank you Dr.
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No, perioral dermatitis does not look like HIV.  If the dermatologist thinks perioral dermatitis is the correct diagnosis, I think you should feel comfortable with that and not worry about HIV.


Dr. Rockoff
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Thank you Dr. Rockoff,

I just wanted to make sure (second opinion) that typical Perioral Dermatitis does not look like a acute HIV rash.  I take that you are saying perioral dermatitis does not look like an acute HIV rash.  This has reassured me and put my mind to ease.  I now see why I was told no hiv testing was necessary.

Thanks and keep up the good work Dr. Rockoff
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