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Pilondial Abscess

A week back, I developed a pilondial abscess from a B-12 injection in my glute. The medication must have moved. It started out as a soreness I initially thought was related to my lower back from working out, but in a matter of a day grew worse. I was unable to sleep and on top of this was battling a cold. So, I was experiencing chills but it could also be from that  I was barely even able to sit down. I decided the next day I would go to the doctor and he said it was an abscess and needed to be drained.

He prescribed me with Clindamycin and Ibuprofen for the pain. The next day upon taking the meds, the abscess began to drain through two heads (not just one), so I went to the bathroom and began to squeeze what I could out for a good ten minutes. It was a foul smelling mixture of blood and pus. Then, since I had no hydrogen peroxide, I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol. I did this again later that day and noticed the size decreasing.

Two days go by and I still am taking medication, the swelling seems to be going down, but it is still present (although soft) leaks a now clear fluid on occasion, and though soft in the center, is hard and sore around the edges.

Could this be from the draining/ scar tissue? Should I leave it alone? Or do I have to go back for the doctor to cut me? I am under my parent's health insurance and don't want them knowing about this, though I can't seem to get around it as they won't seem to let me pay out of pocket anywhere.
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If you have not already, I'd really recommend that you go to the doctor for a follow up- this isn't anything to mess with.  It's very important to to keep the area clean and if you are worried about it healing, make sure to get to a doctor- I'm sure your parents would much rather you be seen by a doctor when you have a concern, rather than avoid it so they don't find out.  Also, if you go to another doctor, they may let you pay cash- so if you really are worried, I'd try that option too!  
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Just wanted to check in to see how you were doing?  Were you able to get to a doctor for a follow up at all?  
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