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Pimple-Like Skin Infections

26 Male

I have had a persistent problem with my skin.  It occurs on my forehead, from my elbows up to my shoulders, back, chest, and down to my buttocks mostly.  I get them on my forearms and thighs and calfs less frequently and face.  The 'always' circumstances are...  they flare up when i eat anything with sugar or carbohydrates.  They may heal over and be unnoticeable, but they do stay in the same spots and will flare up again if I eat sugar or carbohydrates.  They appear as a pimple, very small white dot in the center, and a slightly raised surrounding area.  Ok so I squeeze it like a pimple and the white comes out and usually is  stuck on the hair strand (forearms forhead upper arms, and chest only) The ones on my back and upper back rarely yeild any kind of material.  They might bleed just a little, but usually it is a clear liquid that comes out and crusts over.  It takes a long time for this to heal over and if I mess with them too much they scar.  Like I said, when i eat sugar or carbohydrates, they flare up, usually 2 days after I ate the offending food and lasting as long as four days and I also feel terrible and drained, like a hangover in a way.

Anyways, i have been consulting with a doctor for about a year (an endocrinologist) and we have verified a high fasting blood glucose, low DHEA(3), elevated cortisol during the day, high average bilirubin,high normal LDL, and high HDL.  Although the glucose tolerance test and insulin levels were fine.  I have suggested I may have a systemic infection, but he doesnt seem like he wants to explore that route.  Have floaters, two tiny hemmorhages in my left eye, usually have cold feet and hands, but feet usually warm up when i lay down.  Had 3 EKG's done over a 2 year period and they were normal.  Chest x-ray showed a little haziness around the top of my heart.  Have had good luck getting energy levels up with amino acid supplementations along with liver aids DHEA, synthroid, digestive enzymes, and not eating that sugar or carbohydrates (although i do crave them sometimes badly).

It was the worst last January, I missed 3 days work straight plus the weekend and still felt like **** on monday.  Went to the ER one night due to chest tightness accompanied by bradycardia (40-45 bpm) then followed by tachycardia immediately after (120-140bpm) i think maybe due to adrenaline burst. Burning in chest and carotid arteries with adrenaline.  Usually had consistent upper abdominal bloat, or a tight knot under my sternum...  accompanied by sternum bone pain.  Amino acids seemed to have cured the stomach problems along with intermittent betaine HCL and pepsin.

Anyways, I just wanted to see what you think before I go see a dermatologist.  As far as I'm concerned, I have been slowly going downhill ever since I noticed these mystery skin infections or whatever they are.  I'm sure its some kind of folliculitis, maybe you can help me at least figure out what to call it! LoL  I suspect candida, systemic.
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I'm afraid the blizzard of unorganized information you provide doesn't add up to anything I can advise you about from a distance.  Please see a dermatologist in person.  And before you go, please don't squeeze the bumps, so the dermatologist can actually tell what they are.  I doubt very much that this rash is systemic, despite all the other data.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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