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Plantar wart WILL NOT GO AWAY

Ok I have had this wart on the ball on my foot for years.  There are a few and now they are large and thick.  It must have roots an inch deep at this point.  I should have just let it be but I have seen about 10 doctors for it (derms and dpms).

I have tried
-Doctor applied acids
-Dozens of doctor freezings
-many self freezings
-Candida antigen injections
-Duct tape for months
-50% salicyclic acid (self applied)

The only thing that seems to be left is bleomycin which my doctor is unwilling to do.  She said I could be left with a hole in my foot.  She says the only thing she can think of is trying many candida shots (we only did 1 injection a week for 5 weeks - the standard) or do a combination of salicyclic acid (to thin the skin) and aldara (which may have had problems with absorption before).  

Does ANYONE have an idea?  has anyone tried bleomycin>  I would like to avoid simple/homeopathic stuff --- I think this is WAY beyond that
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first off, warts do not have roots. that is a myth. if you cut a ward open and see black dots that's blood not seeds, as well,just to clear up any misconception.

secondly plantar warts are very difficult to treat. what you may need is a an aggressive dermatologist who will perform an ED&C(electro dessication and curretage) you would have to be off your foot for a good week however as it would indeed leave a wound on your foot. but that is the most effective process i have seen for a resistant wart. aldara seldom cures stubborn plantar warts and the acid is not much better. as for shots, that gets expensive and is debateable too.

there are not any homeopathic remidies to a wart that has resisted conventional medicine as i know it.
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Your situation sounds similar to mine.  I have two really large warts on my left foot that absolutely will not go away (one has been there for about 4 years, the other for 1 year).  I'm on my 4th dermatologist, they've been frozen 12 times, and one has been injected with bleomycin 4 times.  In addition, I've used acids and shavers extremely aggresively the past year, and have also tried home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, banana peel, vitamin A & E, Aldara, and pretty much everything else you can think of.  I have not tried Candida yet, but I think I'm going to try that next (the dermatologist does not recommend surgery due to the size of the wart).  Did the Candida have any effect on you?  As far as Bleomycin goes, my dermatologist first froze the wart (for an extreme length of time), then injected a needle as deep as he could until he heard me gasp (basically stuck the needle right on a nerve).  That was by far the worst pain I'd ever felt, but it was over extremely quickly (no more then 1 second).  He did this twice (I couldn't have taken a third).  The next two injections were nothing like the first two in terms of pain (I think he injected the bleo while still in the numb area), but it still was not a pleasant experience.  Within a week or so, I saw little black areas around the injection sites (maybe a mm in diameter), and since then the wart has reduced in size, but is still extremely large.  To be honest, I was hoping to see a big hole in my foot from the bleo, but that never happened.  
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This is interesting.  

On the candida - it worked wondering on my face (flat warts, tiny, very few).  I still get them on my face but they just disappear in a month - its pretty amazing in that sense.  It also doesnt really hurt much and there is no scarring

I dont think I want to try candida on my foot because we have already tried it and Ive heard it doesnt work well on plantar warts.  If you want to try it, i would do many injections - like once a week for like 10 weeks - and see what u think

On the bleo...that is also interesting.  I have heard of extreme pain but I also heard that they inject right under the skin.  I have even heard that some dont even inject - they put bleo on the wart and then poke holes or macerate it a little.

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I have had two warts on my toes for years. One is on the bottom side of my big left toe and the other is on the inside of my 2nd biggest toe.They are probably both the size of a small fingernail. I am currently treating them with the ole' Apple Cider Vinegar. So far, it seems to be working. I cover the nasty warts with Cider soaked cotton balls wrapped in a band-aid. I do this before I go to bed and have woke up a few times due to a burning sensation on my toes. The pain was not really bad, but umcomfortable you know? After 3 or 4 nights of doing this I have picked out those little black/brown dots that I saw thinking that they were seeds but I guess it's blood. How far do plantar warts go down into the skin? When you see the dots, are you close to the end? If you have any information on the breakdown of plantar warts please reply. Thanks!
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My daughter had a plantar wart on ball of right foot.  They do put down roots or feelers which can go deep into foot.  Very painful to walk on.  Our Dr. recommended either cutting out or freezing, but freezing could take several sessions.  She chose cutting out.  Most painful was numbing of foot.  Dr. basically cut out an area about the size around of a cigarette and maybe up to 1/4 - 1/2-inch deep, then cauterized it.  That was over a year ago and she has had no return of the wart, which can happen if you don't get it all.  Would not waste time on any more products.  Just get the surgery.
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they do NOT grow roots. that is an old wives tale
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Don't know if you're still having a problem, but I just got treated for a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot which is smaller than a dime.  Freezing didn't work because there was a thick callus on the wart, so the doctor numbed my foot first, which was painful, then shaved off the skin until he got to the blood vessels.  He said that we could try freezing the wart again since we were closer to the blood vessels, but he suggested we burn the wart with an electric needle since I was numb already and would not feel it, which was the electrodessication and curretage.  I have read that warts do not have roots and that it is a myth.  From what I've read about burning the plantar wart, it works better than freezing for this particular type of wart.  Also, if you pick at a wart and the blood touches another part of the body, it can cause more warts to grow.  For more information, google "do warts go away" and read up on some of the articles.  The articles have preventative tips, treatments, and a lot of useful info.  Hope this helps.
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I have a few warts on my feet. It started with one on my left foot. I tried to get rid of it usung Douplant but gave up after no success. I didn't take it seriously and it spread. First to my other foot, then to my son. They are highly contagious, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.As far as roots, well I know that the medical community will tell you they don't have roots. I am willing to bet though that the folks who say they don't, have never had a plantar wart.

If you cut down a tree in your yard and you keep cutting below the surface only to find more wood, that wood is root structure. LOL I have chopped my warts well below the surface skin using an exacto knife only to find a hole, well below the surface, and it's wart going way down. To me, that's roots.

You would need to kill the stuff deep in that hole. But there is nothing short of nuclear material that will kill wart infection. (Unless George Bush has conspired to hide that too.)

Since I have been suffering with these warts for 6 years now, I am planning to get expensive surgury to cut them out, and I want the surgeon to go deep and wide, view it like cancer. Get it all.

Till then, I have turned to industrial chemicals starting with raw chlorine bleach in the hole.

Note, your body weight on your warts is what is pushing them deeper everyday. If you can somehow keep the weight off the wart as you are trying to annihilate it, perhaps you may get lucky.
Tea Tree Oil is highly effective, I'm finding. Just started using it and this wart is almost entirely gone. Duct tape did not work. Duct tape aspirin did not work. A cue tip soaked in Tea Tree Oil, taped onto it, is working well.
Tea Tree Oil is highly effective, I'm finding.
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I had planters warts on my feet for a good 5-6 years. It was only one when it started out but eventually grew to be a cluster the size of a quarter.

Like you I tried freezing, acids, home treatment creams patches gels etc and none of it worked in fact I think some of them made it worse.

What worked for me was the duct tape, but I did it a little differently. I exfoliated the area first with a pummice stone and then watshed with soap and water, pat dry. The exfoliIating helps to get the thick skin off and expose the vessels (brown specs).  Then I applied organic white vinegar with a swab( might sting a little but it goes away) and allow it to throughly air dry. Then cover completely with duct tape. I found the smoother duct tapes seemed to work at wart removal better, but the type with more threads in it sticks on better, I used a combination of the two in layers so it would stay put for most of the day or night. When ever the duct tape comes loose reapply the vinegar and fresh tape.

I started seeing a big difference in just a few weeks, but it did take about 6 months to get rid of the entire cluster. It has been 2 years since I did this and I have not had another wart since, and there is no sign I ever had warts.

This has to be one the cheapest and easiest wart removal methods, and there is no harm in trying it.
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Duct tape?  I don't get it.  What in the WORLD does that have to do with getting rid of a wart??  This really sounds like a wive's tale.  Regarding warts and 'roots', whether you 'call' them roots or not, a plantar wart can grow very DEEP into the body, that's close enough to be considered 'rooting' to me!!  I had two removed years ago, and I thought they came right back.  Went in to have them removed years later for the second time and was told that these were not warts, just callouses.  Go figure!  Now I shave them regularly and have no pain.
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I have used everything on the market with no results. One day i used straight tea tree oil, and they disappeared within 48 hours, never to return! these were warts I had all over my hands for 6 years. However, I have since then got planter warts, and it has not worked on them, but for the others it was a miracle.
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Plantar Warts are not fun, but this is what I did and it worked for me... I had never had any expierence with these warts and as such when my foot started hurting, I ignored it, but soon it became difficult to walk. I play basketball and found my foot in pain every time I played. I went to a foot doctor and was told I had a plantar wart. He told me about the different approaches (cut it out, freeze it, lazer it) but I knew all these things would precede to have a few weeks recovery time, so he said I could try Dr. Scholes (these were a joke) I found myself back to the foot doctors a few months later with a much bigger wart. So I took the next step and got it cut out (OUCH!) which is susposedely more reliable than freezing. Months went by and the hole on the bottem of my little toe finally filled in. For a few weeks I thought it had worked, but soon that same toe began hurting worse. I went back to the doctor and was astonished he said, "it came back with a fury," now I had five new warts covering the bottem of that little toe. He sent me to a specialist and she wanted to lazer them off, but told me I would be left basically with no little toe for some time. The first expierience of cutting it out was painful enough, I didn't want to go through something like that again. She then told me about the injections (ugh more pain). I was to the point I would almost do anything to be rid of them. I had to pull out of her another option, an immune responce cream. There were two steps, first cream I put on for a week, my whole toe turned white, and I peeled away all this skin (this hurts but the more you reveal the warts, the better chance you have). Then the next cream was the treatment, I was to apply this every night with duck tape (I found myself waking up in the middle of the night with my toe throbbing so bad I couldnt sleep, this means its working).I also took vitamin C,E, and beta carotine every day to booste my immune system. I did this for months and soon they shrank and turned pink and eventually dissapeared. It has been a year and no more plantar warts, the good thing about this stuff is, my body fought the warts off itself, now I have immunity to the warts as opposed to cutting, freezing, and lazering. I hope this helps, I know how terrible those can be.
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