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Please identify this circular rash on me

I've had this rash for about 2 years now, it started out as three circles with the largest one being about the size of a quarter and the smallest being about half the size of a dime, all located to the right of my stomach (between my belly button and side).  Over the past 3-4 months I noticed the rash was now on the sides of my neck and for quite some time thought it was an allergic reaction because some days you cannot barely see it (if at all) and others it looks more like welts (paintball welts if you've ever seen them - very circular and red).

As of about 2-3 months ago the rash has now been spreading across my chest and is taking on many different sizes.
They do not itch, are not irritating me, and if i couldn't see them I wouldn't even know they were there (no pain). If I scratch them they flake a little bit, almost as if they were just dry patches of skin. Also note, they are not raised (they are smooth with my skin).

Here are some pictures I took this morning after my shower which is normally when they are the most noticeable:

I've looked up some similar things online and the only thing I could really think it is, is some type of fungus? Maybe "Tinea Versicolor"??

If you could shed some light as to what this could be and how I can prevent it from getting worse/spreading, that would be amazing!

Also, I just moved to eastern Europe (Ukraine) about 10 months ago, so if you can, please try and recommend something that would be readily available to me here in Ukraine.

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I have a wierd very painful rash. have been dealing with over 2 years now. was told several times looks like scabies have treated more than half a dozen times. I treated my home clothes bedding etc...  now I think I have a fungus inleu of this. I am devistated.  I have many pics.  I think I either have hook worms or ringworms. I just need some expert advice. can't do this much longer!  please. ASAP I am very upset.
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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum!

There are several diagnosis to have in mind: Tine corporis, Tinea versicolor, Seborrheic dermatitis, Prapsoriasis, etc.  For final diagnosis, besides detailed medical history (including internal and external exposure to drugs, and other chemical and physical risk factors) and detailed physical examination (evaluation of overall health and skin lesions) , results of skin scraping smear (with KOH), skin culture, and maybe even biopsy would be recommended diagnostic tests before any therapy is initiated.

In regards to therapy, all of diseases mentioned above require specific therapeutic approach, but all of those modalities are available in Europe.

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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