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Poison oak or something more serious ? Please help.

Hello so I’ve noticed I had these itchy bumps on my skin when I woke up one day and they continued to spread and they first started as what seemed to be blisters. They looked like they were filled with fluid then turned to push over time it spread through my body to places such as both feet, arms, behind my knees and my lower back. They are itchy and no longer just bumps they have turned into red rashes. My dr. First diagnosed me with scabies then realized that it was not the case after I did my treatment with premathin What started as what seemed like scabies then turned into something that look like eczema and then into a  nasty rash.After a party in nature , 6 of my friends got it. 3 of their doctors said severe poison oak, mine still has no clue as to what it may be. So far I’ve been using tea tree oil, alcohol , calamine, premathin and it continues to spread.
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It does sound like a case of poison ivy or oak to me- people react with different levels of severity when it comes to reactions of those plants- when my son gets it- it spreads and spreads.  You can get a bar of fels naptha and wash with that- it should help to dry out the rash.  I'd recommend getting a second opinion from another doctor as well, even if it's urgent care- they can give you a steroid shot or medication if needed.  I'm always hesitant to go that route, but there are times when it's what you need to get the reaction under control.  
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