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Pool molluscum virus of the skin reappears with cold water

Around August I was diagnosed with molluscum, a skin virus on my thighs and pubic area. These bums appeared a month after I went on holiday, to a small resort hotel where I spent some time swimming. The doctor told me to pinch the bumps (I had about 10) three times per week and apply retinoic cream. I was apparently healed. However, in october I was left in the cold rain for some time, my clothes were very wet and 4 days after that, new bumps appeared. they were very small, less hard and healed rapidly. Now, a week ago I took a very cold shower at the gym, the bumps reappeared. Is there any link between temperature change, cold water and reappereance of this virus? For how long will I have it? I've had no sex while having the bumps and I'm afraid of my girlfriend breaking up with me as there is a lot of misinformation on the internet claiming molluscum to be a sign of AIDS or STD while in this case I got it from a swimming pool. I wasn't even having sex at the time I traveled to that place. My doctor again recommended me to follow the same guidelines and also told me to take zinc supplements and echinacea in order to enhance my immune system. He says the virus can lay dormant for many months... what puzzles me is the fact that everytime I have cold water poured on my body, new bumps surge..
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