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I have been diagnosed with porokeratosis which is all over my legs and arms. There seems to be little treatment for this, but is bothers me cosmetically very much. My Doctor recently suggested a try at Phototherapy or possibly laser.  What do you think about this? This problem really bothers me.
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I assume you are referring to DSAP, or disseminated actinic porokeratosis.  (The long words refer to its being widespread and presumably related to the sun.)

To the best of my knowledge, unfortunately, no tretment has been shown effective in reducing the appearance of this condition.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


Dr. Rockoff
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Since last september my dermatologist told my that I had porokeratosis(Mibelli). Ever since, the spots spread rapidly over my legs and arms.It bothers my terribly. Up untill now nobody seems to have a treatment.I am searching worldwide.
I was told to stay out of the sun and cover my body.
They say it is not dangerous but needs to be checked on every
year. But now one of the spots changed into a karzinome which
needs to be removed. So be alert on changes.

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I'm only 29, and have been diagnosed with the same thing.  Mine seems to be worse in the winter months.  My doctor sometimes will burn the bad spots to try to keep the 'white edges' away. It looks worse at first but after a couple of weeks, it looks a little better. Also the more lotion you use, seems to help the appearance not be so "rough looking".  The lotion that my doctor prescribed was Lac-Hydrin (12%lotion). I can really tell a difference when I use this and don't use it.  
Unfortunately, I'm told the same thing that there has been no cure yet.  My doctor told me about another patient she had that did do the laser surgery, and it did not look good last time I had talked to her.  
When I went to the doctor last fall, she had mentioned something about a dermatologist conference that was coming up and this was suppose to be one of the topics. Apparently doctors in Florida see this a lot more often and are trying different treatments.
If you'd like to have your doctor contact mine, etc., let me know I'll give you the name. I'm in Louisville, KY.
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