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Possible Silicone Reaction

About 6 months ago I developed a type of rash (more like small bumps, fleshcolored) on my stomach. Three months ago I had my breast implants replaced after 19 years (double lumen type) with saline implants. During surgery the plastic surgeon discovered that the outer shell containing saline had ruptured on both implants, unknown time period, and the silicone shell of the right one had ruptured and there was substantial gel bleeding into the abdominal cavity. Could the skin rash be one symptom of silicone toxicity or reaction to other substances released from the breast implants?
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Not as far as I know.  I think you will need a diagnosis for a doctor in person on this.  There are many possible reasons for the kind of rash you describe, which doesn't sound serious.  But I doubt that silicone leakage--which has been unsuccessfully linked to many syndromes--is the cause.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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