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Post Mole Removal...VERY red


I had a mole removed on 9/26... (biopsy not back yet)

It was small and on the top of my calf on the inside.
The first 2 days I put Bacitracin and a bandaid on as the MD said. Kept it clean, etc...

By Saturday, I was still doing the Bacitracin, but at times, I had been letting air get to it because it wasn't drying up.

By Saturday night, there was a reddness around the outside of the wound. It was as if someone drew a red line completely around the opening.

Then it started to hurt when I would touch it...just sore.

Last year when I had a mole removed by a different derm, it turned in to cellulitis, and I had to be put on LEvaquin. ( I'm allergic to PCN, Erythromycin and Bactrim).
Same thing happened...after a couple of days, it started to get red, hot and raised.

So far, it's not raised, or hot, but the reddness was not there until Saturday. It was actually healing, then it turned.

I called the MD and she wasn't in, but they sent me to the urgent care. The MD didn't think it was a concern. He used hydrogen peroxide to wipe away the yellowish,white, film that was on the top,( actually made it bleed, and now it's even more sore) then applied bacitracin and a bandaid.

I don't have a temp ( it was 99.9 orally), no chills, not achey, and it hasn't spread. No line of reddness, and the area on reddness it pretty much confined to the perimeter of the cut, not much more.

Does this sound like it's a concern?
DO you think it's on it's way to becoming cellulitis again?

I have Bactroban also, should I use that, or should I just clean it with the hydrogen peroxide then apply the bacitracin?

My concern is that I really don't want to go back on the Levaquin...last time it really reaked havoc on my stomach...

I just want to know if I can properly care for this and prevent it from getting so bad that I have to go on oral antibiotics.


By the way, I'm 40, no med/surgical history...healthy, exercise normally, etc...


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Cellulitis after a biopsy is awfully rare--I can't even think of the last time it happened to one of my patients.  Urgent care doctors can tell if something's infected, and since the one you saw didn't think you are, you should be OK following the advice you got.  Maybe the dermatologist can see you tomorrow.  I'd ask.


Dr. Rockoff
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