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Post Natal Skin Rash

I have recently (4 weeks ago) given birth to a baby Girl. Before the birth I had a skin rash covering my whole body which became extremely sore, itchy and painfull. All the doctors that treated me did not prescribe any drugs due to my pregnent condition. After the birth the rash subsided. 3 weeks later it is now back and covering my whole body. It is red patchy, and is raised from the skin. My skin is sore to touch, and has become tough and dry. As I am presently breast feeding this is causing extreme discomfort. Can I take anti-histamine or treatments while I am breast feeding.

Thank you

Alison Otter
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First of all, congratulations!

There is an itchy rash which pregnant women get near the end of their term.  No doubt that is what your doctors thought you had.  However, that would not reappear after delivery.

Rather than just use antihistamines (which can, by the way, be cautiously used during nursing)I think you ought to consult your doctor and perhaps a dermatologist to see whether you have eczema or some other ongoing skin condition which would benefit from more specific treatment.  There is in any particular rash associated with nursing that I know of.

Good luck.

Dr. R
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