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Pregnant with HORRIBLE rash

Has anyone ever heard of the PUPPS or PUPPPS RASH? It affects pg women. I was hoping someone would have some remedies. I have it on my belly, and it has spead to my arms and legs. I have tried body oil, Keri lotion with Shea Butter and Vit E, regular cocoa butter lotion, oatmeal baths, benadryl cream and pills, and not one thing has given relief. Any ideas ANYONE?
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Because of the hormonal changes of a pregnant woman's body, rashes are common.  You might want to try using cortizone cream.  You can have your doc prescribe you a mixture of topical steroids with lotion or topicals (eucerin cream).  Give the cortizone a shot.
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i had a really really bad case of this. my entire body except face hands and the bottoms of my feet were affected. i wasone giant itchy welt. the only way that i could deal with it was 2-3 oatmeal baths a night. another thing i did was take towels and washclothes and freeze them. then i would put them on my legs, belly and arms and it would sooth it for an hour or so. thats the only way that i got any sleep. aveeno has a oatmeal cooling cream. that worked for a short time too. it seemed the more i used it the less it worked. also try to wear only cotton. that helped too. i was the least itchy at work and i think it was becouse i was occupied. i really hope this helps becouse i know how bad this can get.if i think of anything else i did ill repost
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My wife also had the PUPPS rash but after giving birth and now 3 years later she experiences a rash that flares up mainly during her menstrual cycle and during times of stress.  The bumps are red, appear mainly around her panty line and some around her bra.  When itchy bumps subside they leave a dark spot almost like a scar right where the red bump was.  The doctors have not offered any conclusive solution or explanation.   Thank you for any help
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Yes, As I write this I too am suffering from this horrible rash (PUPPS). It can really take over your life it seems as if it has for me. I lose sleep at night, i have scratched myself to the point that i bleed. its very uncomfortable. It began on my belly arounf my navel and after a few days it SPREADED every where buttocks, back, thighs, behind my legs, and arms my arms are the worst part as of now i went to my DR. and he told me that there wasnt much he could do as of now with me begin Preggo but he prescribed me Benadryl and told me to get calmine lotion and that is okay but NOTHING takes the itch away. I Pray at night that i'm able to get sleep due to the itch its always impossible. I must say that it has tried to clear up since i've been on the meds and praying about it. I wish there was a explanation as to why this is happing to me and all the other Women affected by this Horrible rash. I want to begin a research to see if we may have some things in common that may have triggered this Rash. ( I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I JUST WANT A EXPLANATION AS TO WHY.) All of these questions are OPTIONAL Please Please only answer what you feel may be of concern for you.

       1. Have you ever had an abortion? Optional
       2. Where you on Birth Control before you got pregnant?
       3. What is your cravings being preganat? Sweets or Salty Foods
       4. Is this your 1st Pregnancy or are you having twins,triplets etc?
       5. What kind of Prenatal Pills are you taking? Did you take more than 1 different kind?
       6. What kind of lotions did you use before you where pregnant?
       7.What are you having? Girl/Boy
       8. When did your PuPPS Rash 1st appear?
       9.Whats your ethic background? Optional
      10. How many times where you told to take a sugar test? The nasty Orange Drink. lol.
      11. When are you due? Whats the Season that you went through most of your pregnancy in?
      12. Before becoming pregnant did you have sensitive skin?
      13. Have you been diagnosed with arthirists?
       14. Have you been in alot of stress during your pregnancy?
     15. Have you put any chemical in your hair while being pregnant? Such as dye, perms, etc?

This concludes the list of questions. Thank you for all of your support maybe you have a few questions that you may wish to add Please Feel Free to add them. I hope that we are able to look at this and see something. Who knows we may all have one thing in common that may be a cause or have lead us up to this point. Once again I want to thank you for your support. Ladies hang in there it will soon be over.
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I have currently been experiencing a skin rash which covers about 80% of my body.  I have been dealing with the stress of it for almost 2 months now and I just really want to cry.  I thought that I may be pregnant and could have gotten PUPPPS in the first tri-mester but all of the pregnancy tests came back negative.  I had a blood test taken and believe that those results came back negative for pregnancy also.  My period was 21 days late and skipped a month......this has never happened in the 10 years that I have been having my period......now on to this rash

I have been to the emergency room 2 times because of the severity.....its on my legs arms breasts stomach buttock palms hands feet and the soles of my feet.  Last week it cause me pain because I believe I had scratched it completely raw.  At the emergency room they put me on prednisone to help heal it all up......Sometimes the itching is so irritating that I can't concentrate on general things and it itches too bad not to scratch it.  I have spent a deal of time crying because I am having such discomfort it looks horrible and doesn't seem like it wants to go away.  Just this week as that stage was healing I have now gotten a small series of bumps in clusters and alone everywhere and of course they are itching too!!!  The dermatologist that I saw said that it was DERMATITIS wham bam thank you ma'am 10 minutes of his time (215 of my dollars)  and here it is almost 2 weeks later and still NO RELIEF.  

All I want to know is what is this and are other people experiencing what I am????????  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.......I AM OPEN TO ALL TYPES OF ADVICE
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Noxema works really good for the itching. At first it itches worse but fight through it and it subsides. I have pupps right now and my itching is under control most of the time with this and Sarna lotion. Also don't itch it and it won't spread as much. I've had it for four weeks and it has only spread slightly.
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I have seen Accutane totally mis-prescrbed for what I'm about to tell you, and the reason antibiotics work is that parasitic collembola love eating skin bacteria especially 'Leclercia Adecarboxylata' (man made oil-slik eaters)! In 2004, the National Pediculosis Association reported Collembola in skin scrapings collected from 18 of 20 research participants in its study published in the Journal of the New York Entomological Society at http://www.headlice.org/news/2004/delusory.htm. They're here and they're being totally misdiagnosed! They are very,very dangerous. If they have no ability or need to feed as human/animal parasites (as all the so-called scholarly scientists, dermatologists, and psychiatrists insist) why would their digestive juices contain acetemenephenol. So armchair speculate some more! When one feels a sharp, stinging skin pain at night with burning and itching yet a few minutes later it subsides (it's because tylenol is a slow acting pain killer) one has been attacked and invaded. They are ubiquitous (everywhere-enormously) and are one of the main causes of Morgellons. 'S.C. Johnson' pure "NATURAL PYRETHRIN" (from the pyrethrin tansy) bug bombs are their only enemy, besides vacuum sealing everything (bedding, clothes, books, computer components etc. for at least 3 full days) and plastic-ing off EVERYTHING to be scrubbed down regularly. They (sirius) are quickly becoming a microscopic plague. They're also immune to oil based pesticides because they have evolved to eat man-made, oil-slick-eating bacteria (Leclercia Adecarboxylata) which is NOW all over our skin. We're all being attacked down here in FL whether we know it or not.They like to keep low under -hair profiles. Shave and you'll disturb many! It has become a plague! These tiny creatures cause acne, skin cancers (their digestive juices contain BENZENE!) and most other common forms of skin disease, dandruff and atheletes foot. All of the over the counter topicals contain powereful pesticides. Research their formulations (pyrethrione-Zinc for instance).I've noticed one place where they can be detected within a few minutes , your local video rental store! Keep track of your skin within 5 to 10 minutes of handling older video cases. If any pimples or itching (irritation) occur as you are driving home, have some natural pyrethrin lotion (natural pyrethrin extract combined with any thick over the counter lotion) and dab it on. Keep old CD cases in plastic bag and handle quickly, efficiently and carefully! If I didn't know any better, I would be thinking your authors work for or in the pharmaceutical/medical industry and are spreading their usual BS. I have more tips. Contact me at ***@****
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PRAYER AND EMU OIL WORKED FOR ME.  Tried emu oil after a couple of days of oral Benadryl and a topical maximum strength cortisone (as prescribed by a dermatologists).  Bendaryl helped by knocking me out when I REALLY needed sleep but it also knocked my baby out which scared the **** out of me.  I NEVER felt comfortable with the topical cortisone (though it worked to really dry out...perhaps too much...the rash on my hands) so I kept searching for something safer.  EMU OIL was a gift from God.   Brought near immediate relief.  I also noticed that cutting back on inflammation inducing foods helps tremendously.  Specifically, it has helped to cut back on sugar, nuts, peanut butter, dairy, and wheat.  
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I have what they think is PUPPS, the itching started under breasts and underarms right about the time I missed my period even thought they say this rash happens later. Now at 16 weeks it is all overr my stomach, underwear lines, underarms and jawline. Have tried everything. They have me on steroids right now for the 2nd time. I will say of everything I have tried, although it does not get rid of the rash it REALLY helps with the discomfort... tea tree oil, purchased at Walmart. Just a small bottle of oil. The odor is very strong but it almost has an icy-hot feeling but not painful like icy-hot. It is the only thing that will help!!! I dread having to leave the house and put a bra on because this rash is annoying!!! My bra smells like this stuff now LOL
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