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Premanent wrinkly fingertips for years

I've had wrinkly fingertips for a fair few years.  Not the thumbs, and only marginally with the 2 forefingers, but the other 3 fingers are quite wrinkled on each hand and think it varies during the day. No other symptoms so far as I'm aware.  Just the fingertips and nowhere else, not even my toes.  Indeed, I'm in my 50's but my skin is generally smooth elsewhere.

I do wash my hands excessively many many times a day.  So I assumed it was related to that until I did a Google search!

Any suggestions as to what it might be caused by?
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Hello~First, stop doing the Google searches, they only lead to more anxiety, I know, I am the queen of doing them, but I have cut way back.

If the wrinkling worries you, then it might be a wise idea to contact your GP or a dermatologist, it is probably nothing, but for peace of mind, getting a professional opinion is always best.
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I have read that atopic dermatitis can cause 'pruny fingers'.  One remedy to try is to soak the finger tips in lukwarm water for 10 minutes and then coat with petroleum jelly or aquafor.  Put on a pair of gloves.  
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