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Psoriasis, Jock Itch, or something else?

I have been experiencing itching for the past 2-3 weeks on the area where scrotum, inner thighs and buttocks meet. The itch is there on both halves of the area (i.e. both thighs and buttocks). I took a picture of the area in the morning and saw what looked like scaly & discolored / dark skin patches (darker than the brown skin I have down there) running from the bottom of the scrotum skin along the buttocks.
15 or so minutes after taking the picture, I felt itchy in that area and proceeded to scratch it. What I saw down there (after clicking a picture again) grossed me out. The entire area (both the halves) had become whitish in color with what looked flakes of skin sticking out. I also observed flakes of the skin on my bed after I had scratched the area.
I'm trying to figure out if this is jock itch, eczema, psoriasis or something else. Any advice here would be helpful as I plan to get some OTC medication to help me with this itch.
About me: I'm 28 years old. I weigh 235 lbs. for a 6 feet height (therefore, obese) and have a family history of diabetes.
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Hi Abhi, I am sorry you are going through this right now.

From your symptoms and such, it sounds like you are describing jock itch. I would suggest more 'gentler' methods first before trying anything serious. OTC anti-fungals should help, but what is more important is keeping the area moisture-free and clean/hygienic. Not wearing tight underwear and avoiding 100% cotton underwear, combo of hydrocortisone and Lortrimin (clotrimazole), and washing the groin area at least once day (but not more than 4) should help to rule if there is something else going on. Often times, especially men who sweat a lot, moisture gets trapped into those areas easily and wreaks havoc on the skin while making a fantastic breeding ground for other critters in the world.

Hope this helps.
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Hi ThatDamnedHorse, thanks for your response. I had a few follow up questions, and would be really grateful if you could take a stab at addressing them!

1) I wear Boxer shorts to avoid constricting the area, plus also wash it regularly (sometimes twice a day). Should I be avoiding/using certain soap types to deal with this?

2) Also, the 'combo of hydrocortisone and Lortrimin (clotrimazole)' that you mentioned, are they OTC lotions one should be using to get relief?

3) And lastly, could this also be Psoriasis?
1) I would internet research different soaps, but sometimes certain brands can have different ingredients that work well with you. Start with "gentle skin" formulas and then work from there. I hear Dove has been good for some of my patients.

2) I apologize if I made it seem like it's a combo medication. They are two separate creams. One is an anti-inflammatory and one is an antifungal. They are legit medications that can help that need to be done as per the box.I would kind of stay away from lotions as the goal is to keep the area reasonably dry and the only moisture that you get on the skin is from the creams and the occasional sweat that gets in there.

3) I personally have never heard of psoriasis located in that area as usually Psoriasis is from an overactive immune system and it would be best to try and rule out jock itch first before going into options of Psoriasis. At least if you do the stuff I suggested, it would be good information for your doctor to know if you choose to go to one in the future.

I will be honest though, with skin stuff, it is REALLY hard to diagnose different things without a real physical look at the integrity of the skin/biopsy/etc, so I am sorry I cannot give definitive answers.
Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
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