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Psoriasis - 6 years no relief.

Dear community members,

I am posting this message for my sister who lives in a small town in India and has no access to modern doctors or facilities at disposal.

My Sister aged 35 years old has developed a skin condition for last 6 years and now the disease is taking over her whole body.

She was diagnosed with Psoriasis and it started 6 years ago with cracks started forming on her feet. She tried modern medicine and homeopathic medicine and applies lot of mostrurising cream and aleo vera creams. She had some relief from a doctor but when she moved from one vilage to town her doctor and treatment both changed.  Currently the condition is spreading rapidly on her knees arms and back of her body. I have attached pictures for your reference.
I really hope that a good diagonosis can help her suffering. I have more pictures I can share. Pleqase let me know. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards
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Hi,  I've been a sufferer of Psoriasis for over 40 years.  I'm not sure from your post but it's extremely important to get referred to the hospital/dermatology dept from your doctor if it's as bad as that, especially if you have never been referred to hospital. They will help you discover what treatment benefits you personally.  No one treatment works for every sufferer

In the majority of cases, with  Psoriasis there's no cure,its about learning to live with it. I personally use aqueous cream daily to stop the dryness and cracking. When going through
a bad patch I use steroid creams like Dovobet gel. At this point in time my condition  is very severe and Im under the hospital, I'm starting photo therapy (narrow band).
Again if you can't keep it under control , don't suffer, get referred to a dermatology dept via your doctor
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Thank you. She has been applying vit D oil and petroem jelly but no relief. I am not sure about her food intake. Will convey. Thank you.

Is there any medication that helps in faster or smoother recovery ? She is unable to step on her feet because of pain and blood oozing out from the cracks.
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I find vitamin D oil and petroleum jelly to be most helpful.  Soaking in Epsom salts is good.  She should avoid low-quality food like GMO food and food sprayed with chemicals.  Poor farming techniques like those pushed by Monsanto are destroying the soil and therefore our food.  In America it is very hard to get control of these corporations, but we are trying.  In other countries you should try very hard to get rid of them.  
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