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Psoriasis Medication

I am 34 y/o female and have had Psoriasis for about 14 years now.  The last five years have been severe.  I've done all the PUVA's, tars, creams, ointments and even tried Methotrexate.  I was on MTX for almost 2 years and recently stopped it cause my body started getting a rash on top of my Psoriasis when the doc increased the dose to 6 pills per week because of my arthritis.  We tried to decrease it, but the rash wouldnt go away and it was just too unbearable.  I'm taking Vioxx for the arthritis (seems to be working)- Celebrex wasn't strong enough.  I recently started taking Arava for the Psoriasis (25mg a day).  I couldnt find much on the net about this drug.  Its been 2 months now and it has not helped at bit (doc said it was a slow drug).  My skin is worse than it was before I started the MTX 2 years ago.  I've always had it around my face and forehead, but now its on my cheeks and my nose!  That part is hard to cover - even with makeup. I am going through a severe depression because of it!  The 2 years I was on MTX helped about clear me by 5% and now all the clear spots are getting covered with Psoriasis and now I have NEW spots.  Its spreading to my fingers and to the palms of my hands and feet!  I am about 90% covered!  And its very painful!  It has always been on my scalp and now thats worse.  I thought about Soriatane, but I dont have children and want them before I'm 40.  From what I've read, it is not a good drug anyway - way too many side effects.  I have several questions.  What about Cyclosporine?  Or any other drug for that matter?  Also, do you know of any kind of special make-up (or where I can purchase some) to cover the lesions on my face??  I need medication to get it under control fast so that I can have a life!  My blood work is fine.  Liver is fine.  But my skin is so extremely dry  - worse than it ever was before.  I take 2 baths a day to help peel off the dry skin and that helps but only for a several hours.  I read yesterday that after you stop taking MTX you have a severe flare up - I started feeling that effect about a month ago!  Wished I would have known that 2 years ago!  Any advice would be appreciated.  PLEASE HELP!!  I am desperate!
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You certainly seem to have an extraordinarily severe case of a difficult disease.  Nevertheless, there are some things you ought to look into:

1.  Facial psoriasis usually responds pretty well to topical steroid creams.  You should be able to minimize at least that embarrassing aspect of your condition by regular application of one of these preparations.

2.  There is a new class of psoriasis drugs about to be approved by the FDA.  These target the immune sysytem, specifically certain types of white blood cells.  Reports are encouraging, bith from the standpoint of safety and effectiveness.

I suggest you consult with dermatologists familair with these new treatments.  You can find them at a teaching hospital or academic medical center.  Other resources include the National Psoriasis Foundation (look for them on the web), a patient support group with an informative website, or the American Academy of Dermatology (www.aad.org.)

Good luck, and don't give up!

Dr. Rockoff
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I've had a similar case and had psoriasis since I was 13.Im 28 now and been sufferin from it on and off.I tried everything also.(pls read throuugh the bottom topic with the psoriasis w prednisone treatment for my brief history w the disease.)Just hang in there and hopefully think positive.I know its hard,but don't get too stressed out.Im based in the Philippines,and they have several discussion groups here with sufferers.Im tryin to put up a site where we can all get together and maybe air out frustrations on the disease and what we can do to help tame this disease.Pls EMAIL me at: ***@****
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I had Psoriasis on my head when I was a kid.  My doctor prescribed ointments which did no good.  I went to a new barber shop one day and he saw the problem and took a whack at it.  

He took out vinegar, maybe apple cider vinegar, and gently rubbed the area with a soaked cotton ball until it became sensitive or was pink / starting to get raw.  The following days my mother kept at it with the same procedure and eventually (within a couple weeks) it was gone.  

I did not have an extreme case but I had to share this home grown remedy with the hopes that it helps you.  

Take care,
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I have had psoriasis since I was 15. I am 41 today. I have tried many creams and ointments throught the years. My patches have grown. Recently my mother, who is also affected, was given an ointment called Dovonex. I tried it. The script said 2x a day. I put the medication on 3x a day and in less than a month all patches were gone!!! It worked!!!! you have to be determined and keep the medication on...
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