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Pubic area infected blisters - Zit, ingrown hair or STD?

3 days ago my pubic area, right above the penis got scratchy, then red and now it seems to be 3 or 4 clustered blisters that are infected. They look and feel like zits, but it's odd that they're grouped like this.

Some yellow fluid came out when I squeezed one of them followed by a little bit of blood.

Relevant information:
- It itches a bit sometimes, but not too much. It does not hurt when I scratch, it's not herpes (I know, I have it in my penis sometimes and these blisters look and feel different).
- I've been using a cream for infected zits (nebacetin), it does not seem to be helping too much.
- I've been with the same sex partner for around 2 years (girlfriend).
- I haven't used any different substances, and I haven't shaved it for months, it's quite hairy now.

I didn't find any STD's that match it, the closest thing would be an ingrown hair, but I also find it very unlikely to happen at 4 neighbor follicles at a time.

I am also currently travelling and won't be easy to set an appointment with a doctor for the next 2 weeks. The pharmacies here won't sell most antibiotics without a prescription.

Any advice apart from anti bacterial soaps and keeping the area clean and dry?
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Hi there,
You probably seem to be suffering from folliculitis. Folliculitis is a skin infection localized to the hair follicles. It causes multiple, small red bumps at the site of a hair follicle. There may be a tiny blister filled with pus at the top of the bump. The treatment of folliculitis is application of moist heat, salt water compresses and topical antibiotics. Wash your hands frequently to avoid spread of infection. You may try using over the counter hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching and inflammation .Do write to me again.
Best luck and regards!
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Thanks a lot.

After reading about folliculitis I learned that it may be triggered by friction, and now I'm almost sure that it was during intercourse, my girlfriend likes a position on top that has a lot of friction (even hurts sometimes) exactly in the area that I have the bumps.
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