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I posted this last night in another forum. I have included the whole conversation. Sorry if it is so long. Hopefully I could get a more detailed explanation/analysis from you since the Gynecology forum is full and the labia is skin.


I have what I guess are pustules (small blisters containing thick, yellowish material) on my labia majora and few on my labia minora. They don't hurt, itch, smell nor have they burst. I'm assuming that's what they are from researching online. I had unprotected (oral and vaginal) sex on June 9 with my ex-boyfriend (1st time having sex with any male since December 2007) but the last time I had protected (vaginal) sex was July 5th with someone else. The same day (like 8 hours after having sex) I noticed the "rash" of itty bitty clusters of these things on my labia. Just the labia. I began playing different scenarios in my head. "Maybe it was the harsh Dial shower wash (I use Dove and Summer's Eve), maybe it was the hotel towels, maybe it was the hotel sheets, or maybe it was his bare fingers," I thought since we spent the night at a hotel for 4th of July. So I started researching online the symptoms of Herpes and Genital Warts and I began getting paranoid. I called Planned Parenthood for STD testing and not only was it costly I would have to wait a week for someone to see me. On July 7th, I ended up going to a local clinic for STD testing because I read it's good to get cultures while they are active. Before the nurse practioner saw my "rash" she asked me if I was itching or tingling. I told her, "No." Upon her viewing my labia she says its not Herpes so no Herpes blood work was done. A different lady took my blood. I was telling her I thought I had Herpes because I had a rash. She began to tell me it could be a heat rash from sweating down there. As a matter of fact she said she had one at the time. After an hour my results for Syphilis came back negative. The NP told me not to worry about what I had on my genitals stating that it's just skin and men's balls get them all the time. On July 29th, I went back for a copy of my records and the other 3 tests (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV) came back negative.

My question is should I get blood work done for Herpes or just go off of the NP's opinion?

The pustules are going away but it'll be a month tomorrow and they are still around plus now I notice what appears to be pink/white toned scarring between my vagina and anus and some kind of blister/stye inside the corner of my eye which feels like an eyelash. I haven't had a rash down there before, no discharge and no visible sores or lesions or blisters. It happened so fast after my last sexual encounter.

Sorry this is so long. Just trying to be as detailed as possible.

Thanks in advance!

by gracefromHHP 15 hours ago
To: bigred81

Anything that's there for a month is worrisome.  This doesn't sound like herpes but it sounds like something that needs further evaluation. follow up with your regular doctor perhaps this time?


by bigred81 15 hours ago
To: gracefromHHP

I'm relatively new to the area and I'm unemployed and uninsured which is why I called Planned Parenthood to set up an appointment. Yes, it is worrisome to not have a diagnosis but glad to know more than one person doesn't think it's Herpes. Is there such thing as allergies making me break out there? Could it be the heat or stress related? I haven't had a cycle since November 2007 (not pregnant and I've always been irregular). Is there a topical cream I might use to make them disappear?

As far as the blister/stye goes I wrote in another forum earlier tonight and got a referral website. The doctor thinks it might be a cyst.


by gracefromHHP 3 hours ago
To: bigred81

maybe try to find an affordable dermatologist ( ok so that's laughable...lol )?  

I wouldn't apply anything to these on my own at this point so that you don't make it worse or mask what's really going on.  


by bigred81 44 minutes ago
To: gracefromHHP

Thanks again for your suggestions.
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This looks like an old thread, but someone else may be searching for an answer to a similar problem. Since the rash occurred right after the *protected* sex, it seems very possible that you were allergic to something in the form of protection that was used. Condoms often are treated with spermacide, and can be made out of different materials as well. If you used any kind of sexual lubricant (KY, scented products, etc) there is another possible allergy source. And, since the labial area is very VERY sensitive, once even a minor irritation has begun it can be hard to resolve.

Using a new soap can also cause problems...Dial is pretty strong.
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