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Queries on Scabies

Hi experts,

I have the some following queries on scabies. Not too sure if I am in the right forum, if not I apologize and please do let me know where to post this.

1. From the web, it is stated that usually one will get the allergic reaction from scabies (itching and rashes) after 1-4 days (if one have scabies before) and 2-6 weeks for those who have not gotten scabies before. If I have scabies more than 10 years ago, and lets say unfortunately I got it again, how long until I will get the allergic reaction? Will my body forget after all these years?

2. On average I heard that a person with scabies will have around 5-15 mites in his/her body. But if one is touched by a person with crusted scabies, I believe that hundreds or more mites may latch on or attached to the unfortunate person. Will the person then get infested with all these hundreds mites or will our body kill of some to bring it down?

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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You can use neem soap to help combat them.  
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Thank you Caryopteris. However I am not sure on whether I have gotten them now. I did get them more than 10 years ago.

The reason I am asking is because yesterday, I accidentally touch a guy with some crusted skin on the hands and arms in the train. Could be crusted scabies, could be other skin defect, but IF its crusted scabies, I was just wondering if I will get the allergic reaction within days or weeks (as I have gotten them before, but more than 10 years ago). And will the quantity of the mites be in hundreds if I got it from a crusted scabies victim?
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I would think psoriasis was the more common cause for such a skin condition, at least here in the U.S.
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