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Question about Cysts and scaring after drainage.

Hi there,
I think I have a cyst between the legs under the testicles, however I am not sure. I believe this condition showed because of bad hygiene down there. It seems to be only slightly lumpy, but it looks white, and it is soft. It may have drained on its own but there was no pain so I can't be sure.  If it drained can scarring appear as a round, white colored area slightly larger than a pea that is soft?
Any advice would be great,
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Looks like nobody answered.  I have had cysts around my pubic area a couple of times.  Sometimes they are sweat cysts and sometimes they are pus-fulled bacterial infections of other kinds.  They usually go away with either repeated application of hot water or sometimes you can just pop them and they drain.  I've never noticed any scarring, but any time you have a growth and it goes away or is popped, which it might have done because of where it was, it's possible to have scarring but unlikely.  I suppose time will tell.  Not sure it's from bad hygiene, though, we gotta sweat and the world is filled with opportunistic organisms.  At any rate, who's going to see down there or care?  I'd relax about it unless it hurts or recurs, in which case you might want to consult a doctor who can diagnose exactly what kind of cyst it is so you can learn how to deal with it.  Peace.
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