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Hi my hands have been red for a long time i'm 18 and i remember having red hands as a little boy. They get red when my hands are by my waist. My hands don't hurt and don't swell up when there red but i could feel the heat when it turns red. When i'm outside they turn purple and cold and stay cold for a long time even if i enter school they stay cold and than later on they start turning red. If you know how to treat it could you please tell me. THANK YOU =)

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ok, it sounds like your hands get chaped from the cold weather. put some warm cloves on or buy some of those packs of hand warmers. then your hands will stay warm and wont turn red. the heat is from your blood circulation warming your hands back up from the cold weather.
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It sounds like Raynaud’s disease to me. Raynaud’s disease is a vascular disorder that affects blood flow to the extremities which include the fingers, toes, nose and ears when exposed to temperature changes or stress. This causes blueness and swelling of the skin.

I feel that a consultation of a physician will be the best. Other causes like peripheral vascular disease also have to be ruled out. You may need to get a peripheral artery magnetic resonance angiogram done to confirm the diagnosis.
I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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