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I've got an ongoing problem with the redness in my nose, its always Bright red and sometimes i get a big spot like thing on my nose which then becomes even more red and very sore, if it pops it often bleeds, i have been to my doctor and he puts it down to acne and gave me a 6 month treatment which im nearly finishing, but i cant see how it can be acne because even when i dont have the spot my nose is always bright red and its quite embarassing for a 19yr old guy to have a rudolf like nose. its effecting me in other ways as i dont really like going out when its really red as its the first thing anyone notices, i do have other spots but none like the ones i get on my nose and the only red area is my nose. just wondering if i could get a second opinion or some help. Thanks
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Do you have any nasal symptoms like sneezing, nasal discharge, rhinitis, etc?

This could be a skin disorder or secondary to allergic rhinitis or sinusistis.

Let us know if you have any nasal symptoms and we would be able to help you better.

Keep us posted.

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No i have no such symptoms, no allergys that i know about, I grew up in a very smokey house which also seems to make my nose go even more red, but other than that it stays red most of the time and if i get a spot like thing on my nose it tends to worsen and becomes very sore.  Any help is really appreciated Thanks
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I have the same thing i believe and cannot figure it out, it comes and goes, a little smaller than a dime on the left side,tip of nose, when touched its a sharp pain then lessens in five seconds... no one has been able to tell me what it is, I've been to a doctor for other things while its present they have said no connection to anything
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May be Staph living in your skin and you need an antibiotic treatment.
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