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Raised Small Red Bumps around Eyes

My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
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i am not sure about what the dots are, but i do suggest you be very careful with the cortaid.  hydrocortisone can cause eye damage if it gets in the eye because it is a steroid.  though i doubt it would happen, getting hydrocortisone in your eyes may cause blindness.  so, please tell him to be careful!
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I have the same red bumps around my eyes...it all started in November and it NEVER completely goes away!! Many days are worse then others. I've been to an eye doctor and he said I have bad allergies - no prescription. MY dermatologist told me it may be my make-up and prescribed me a Hydrocortisone cream that I nearly put on three times a day when its bad....then my eyes swelled up so bad one morning I was rushed to a emergency care station and they said the same thing..."ALLERGIES" and now I have eye drops that don't work! I was also taking Claritin for a while and nooooooooothing!!

I've changed my make-up, tried three different prescriptions, and found useless information from Doctors! I have now...seven month later...accepted my cluster of red bumps around my eyes!!
See my post below
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i have been going to the dodtor for two years with this now but he keeps on tellin me i do not have scabis and gives me creams and lotions but t never seems to go away.  i get red rash arund the eyes . he told me t will go away do not worry but it comes back every month . i have blisters on my chest he did nothing i have itchy neck he says its also nothing my neck has spots on but look lke blisters . i have fungus on my head around the sides manily and also on top  he gives me shampoo but it never goes away  i also have ezema on my leg i have cream for it but been useing for two years now ?  i also get spots on my penis . ? how do i get my doctor to change his miind i also been to other doctors and they tell me its not scabis but i know it is .
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My boyfriend has the same exact thing. we went to the doctor and they perscribed valtrex as well. It still comes back he has had it now for 2 years and sometimes worse then others.We have tried everything. One doctor told him to use eye wipes that take away an oil residue. i found the wipes in the eyecare section in a pharmacy. i hope this will help it atleast alittle bit.
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Ohh and yes it is a form of herpes. One doctor said it is like clamidia of the eye. Its so weird. thats why the valtrex works cause it some what kills the germ that causes it.
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Hi can anyone help?

My son is 11 months old and has had an ear infection and cold for 2 weeks now, with his runny nose thick with green cattarh and appearing to get no better.

i have also noticed a small cluster of pinprick sized lumps around the outer corner of each of his eyes, can anyone tell me what these could be?

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