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Raised bumps,rashes and small red brick with black dot at centerx

Hi ,

Initially I had a rash at my hip and little red spots with white center and then it turned black at the center. The red spots came at thighs and elbows.
After consulting a doctor and medicines they went.
Now they again I got red bumps like mosquito bite with black dots at the center on my elbows .

What would it be ?
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What medicines did the doctor give you?  Did they tell you what they thought the spots were?  How long have they been gone, before reappearing?
He told me it is a skin allergy. After medicines for 3 weeks it went for almost 2 weeks and again red spots with raised mosquito bite like bumps with black dots at center , comes on hips and elbows.  
Sounds like whatever is causing the allergy is something you are still being exposed to, which is why it appeared again.  Do you or your doctor have any thoughts on the trigger of the allergy?  
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Been going through the same exact situation been to three docs and a pesticide person and no one knows. Mine started out on my legs then my arms now my back neck face and butt. They all have a little black dot in the center once I remove that which is like next to impossi or I got one out with a pair of twissors and u have no clue it was like it was attached to my vein (on my upper thigh by my panty line) my leg had literally a little hole in it and I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. My 4 year old now has spots and I even found one of those like black specs like a piece of peoper on his peepee. I did not touch that one but I did wash him pretty good and think I got it off before it could attach. Idk but I also felt these things go in my right eye left no nostril and my left ear. I feel them on my neck hairline and I’m loosing hair like no other u can see through my scalp. I’ve been dealing with this for two months and I have pictures of the stages of sores and of the bug it self and what I think it to be. I mean I’m just exhausted from no one having answers
Could you send or post pictures?
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