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Raised rash

I had trouble adding my photo to my previous post...so I am posting my question again...

I have been getting small red raised itchy rashes that appear and disappear in a few hours or less.  

I used to get the rashes on my chest, but this morning I saw a rash on my left leg (thigh).  My nail folds are puffy and red also.

Does anyone know that is causing this?  My PCP never saw the rash, because I get the rash sporadically.  He said he thought I had some kind of  allergy.  

I also feel sick and tired all the time and have pain, heaviness and swelling in both legs and trouble walking, because the pain gets worse when I am standing and walking.

What can be causing this rash?  I am a female (age 62), and have been betting the rash for years.
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Too dry (of oil) skin?  Perhaps from bathing too frequently and/or with too harsh a soap?

If that were the case, skincare lotion applied just after bathing ought to greatly help.  Have you tried skincare lotion?
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I don't know if it is dry skin?  The rash itches and comes and goes.  It lasts less than an hour, and I get it usually on my chest of on my legs.  The rash is raised and itches...My PCP sent me to many specialists... rheumatologists and neurologists...I think I have some kind of systemic disease to cause thie skin reaction...

Does anyone know what test would diagnose this rash?  A biopsy, or a blood test?

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(one test to diagnose the rash would be to see if skincare lotion use regularly greatly reduced the rash appearance and itching symptoms, and reduced their recurrence)
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I used my dettol soap on my face and it burnt my face what do I do to get this scald cleared cause I don't sweat anymore on my face
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For how many weeks has this symptom occurred?  

Dettol is very harsh, there are much milder soaps.  If you need one with antiseptic qualities, those soaps containing chlorhexidine are excellent.
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The rash comes and goes.  It can last for up to an hour, but is usually lasts about 20-30 minutes, then goes away, and re-appears on another part of my body at another time.  The rash is small (about an inch in diameter), and it appears anytime.  I think it is an autoimmune rash.  I have had this for years.
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PS:  The skin beneath my cuticles (nail folds) was swollen that day also, so I took a photo of my finger pointing to the rash.  Does anyone know why my nail folds swell up and get red, too?
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