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Raised water/oil filled bumps on face....

   I have recently acquired these bumps on my face that are raised like pimples, however they are not painful.  Just an eye sore.  They look to be filled w/ clear oil / water / liquid of some kind and are a few millimeters in diameter.  No color to them like puss or a blackhead, just look like my skin tone.  They best way I can describe them is as "mini-blisters".  Most of them are circular, but a few on my forehead are irregular-shaped.  

Please Help, they are driving me nuts!  I've tried both benzoyl-peroxide AND salycylic acid, w/ absolutely no results.  

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Do these bumps pop?

It is best to have this assessed by your dermatologist. Firstly , it has to be ascertained that the bumps contain fluid . Differentials for small, skin colored bumps on the face may be warts, skin tags and molluscum. Do these bumps have a central umbilication ? Are they itchy or painful?
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   Thanks for the comment.  They don't look like warts, and I know for sure they are not skin tags or molluscum.  They just look like liquid-filled bumps.  They are soft to the touch like a fresh blister would be, but very small and not raised as prominently as a pimple would be.  I have not tried to pop them for fear of scarring.  I've even tried home-remedy Vitamin C paste overnight; it stung but no results that I can see....
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I have the same or something similiar. It's called hydrosystoma (not sure on spelling). When the physician opened them, water squirted out profusely. Soon after, not even a day, I could tell they started filling up again. The doctors basically said there was nothing I could do about them. They would continue to come back. Some had some fatty tissue inside and were hard which means they were probably not the same type.One plastic surgeon tried cutting them out, but they returned with a vengeance and he did not do such a good job cosmetically.

I believe there is some type of cure, or safe removal method from which they will not return, it's just that no one has found it yet.
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i have soft bumps on my face and neck. I squeeze them and water squirts out. They fill up again almost immediately. I have to squeze them many times before they stop filling up again and then they scab over and sometime when the scab falls off they are still there and I have to go through the same process. They are really an eyesore and this is really getting monotonoeus.
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My water filled bumps pop. They pop so many times before they scab over its pathetic.
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hi, i've noticed that i have these mini fluid filled blisters. they are very sensitive and feel like a fresh skinned scab. once, they appeared on my forehead, and i would pop them, the area turned a red color and they would immediately fill up again. it was there for about 4 or 5 days and then it went away. months later, they appeared again on my right forearm. eventually they went away but the scarring turned into a spotted pattern jus as the blisters were there before. its been ok for a while but now again, those mini blisters appeared again on the same arm, the same spot within the same scarred pattern as before. i used some blue star ointment and i can see the immediate improvement. could this be a spider bite, and it jus keeps coming back?? or is this something i need to get checked out?? ***@**** email me pls
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I have had similar painful blisters in my chin, over an old abscess scar. It feels like a scraped knee, or road rash, They are water filled, won't bleed. And scab over.  My fear, is that the water is a carrier, So I may have scratched something open and spread it to where it is.  After searching, I think they could be a form of herpes or shingles . I have had the pox at 15 and was blessed with herpes:( at 30. I am now  50. On rare occasions,  I relapse and I will break out with a cold sore like lesion near my rectum. This is contagious, and I am even more through at hand washing after the toilet. When home, I wash my hands with bleach and nail brush. Shingles can "POP" up, so to speak if you have ever had chicken pox. As with herpes, which chicken pox is a form of, the virus lays dormant for years and can surface as we age or lose our immune system. I can't always be surgically meticulous, but I sure try. Not so much for me, but if we carry it on our hands,,,,,,watch out. That handshake or cupping the grandkids face, or sharing that bag of chips with your granny...... thats how we start an outbreak....    
I had shingles. Then after they went away these little tiny dots on my lower face started breaking out with a few pimple like blisters only with just water in them. They won't go away. What should I do? Go to a dermatologist?
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I have just had one on my chin.
Dabbing the water for 1 hour does not help as it scabs over and after a shower starts again.
I have applied a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide to clean whatever is underneath and it bubbles for a few minutes. This indicates there is something to be cleaned.
As no one seems to know how to fix this, I've decided to kill any bacteria with application of Hydrogen Peroxide every 3 hours.
Will keep you all posted with results.
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same problem i no ur not suposed 2 use steroid cream on ur face but i plaster it on then they go 4 a couple of weeks then soon as they come back i do the same id rava hav thin skin that that
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If you see your family Dr or dermatologist they can use liquid nitrogen to freeze these water filled bumps, or you can buy the wart removal kit that uses the liquid nitrogen and do it at home but you risk doing it improperly. I have bought the kit and done this myself and it stops the bumps from filling up with the water but you still are left with the enlarged pore
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It's NOT Herpes! And freezing it would be a very bad idea as that would make the scaring much worse. So is squeezing them because they can carry MRSA and you'll make it spread. I ended up spreading it and it turned into Bacterial Meningitis that almost killed me. It's an alergic reaction to the meds I have to take. I have to take alot of meds because my aorta ruptured in three places. I have to take 2 different kinds of pain meds, a muscle relaxer, a very light dose of Methotrexate cause I also have psoriasis, and 5 other types of bp meds as well as anti-depressents and various other meds. So my system has a hard time dealing with all the meds. Every now and then it causes what your describing. One of my doctors said it is hives and it's normal. DO NOT go freezing them!
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